Feb 5, 2017

How to start your Semester/ Academic School year the right way?[Solved]

5 crazy tips to make the most out of the new semester and excel in class. I have put these tips into practice only in the past 2 weeks and got mindblowing results. And even though my semester started almost a month ago. I made sure that I test out these tips before I put it out because I do not want you to waste your time on something that wouldn’t work. So I tested it out and I AM still following the same organizing techniques. So if I was able to achieve something cool then you can surely get on track too. These tips are associated to my YouTube video, you can watch this video or continue reading –

1)  Set Timetable

Get your lectures/practical’s timetable and be aware of it. Also make sure that you either take a print or have it written down somewhere along with the room/lab number of where the lectures/Pracs will be held so that you don’t get late for your classes while searching for it.

2. Layout of important dates

You can find those dates from your school/college/university website or you can consult one of the faculty members and take the same from them because they do have it with them for sure. Then have a nice look at the layout of the important exam dates, the test week, assignment dates and project deadline. Keeping these in mind you can prepare your other activities and plan your time accordingly. Some dates may be tentative BUT public holidays are fixed so you can pre-plan that day well in advance and won’t be surprised when you get to know about it. Also you do not have to do those last minute preparations to hangout with friends or work on some freelancing projects and stuff because you are already aware of it.

Taking 2 above steps into consideration, let me tell you how important they are, by
using the famous quote by W. Somerset –

So it means that by following the above steps you are already half way through your semester. Not only that, you also achieve two great points from this video –
  1.   Purpose – Knowing the purpose of/for something/anything is very important.
  2.   Planning – You can achieve great heights just by making a proper plan, just like an architect builds a layout before he actually starts up the construction.

3.  Familiarize yourself with professors

It is really mandatory for you to go introduce yourself to the respective subject professors and also to ask them about their seating area and time of availability. That way you will be recognized in case if you need recommendations etc. (Yea, you need to have a good reputation. If you are planning to be mischievous then never mind :D ) Also you can go and approach them in their free time with your queries and doubts.

Tip: You can merge these three things into Google Calendar(or its alternative) as shown below so that you don’t have to refer various stuff every now and them. Or you can take a print if you are a paper person like meJ

4.  Get Syllabi

Make a note of the syllabi and go through it so that you won’t make a blank face while some certain topic is being taught in the class. It also make your aware of the topics, concepts that you are going to learn this sem. You can search for good books keeping the syllabi in mind.

 5. Study materials and Books

For school students I recommend you to go and buy the books on first day itself or as soon as you get to know about your predefined text books that your government or institute issues.

College/University students can approach their seniors or a friend who is a senior and ask them to lend their books for that respective semester/academic year. You can wait for a week and go through library books. Make a note of author of the book that is easy for your to grasp the knowledge. Then you can go ahead and buy the book in next week.

You can buy used books from eBay and Amazon (This is not a sponsored post, I have seen people buy them online so just letting you know). That way you will save a couple of bucks from the overall cost. In the place I live in, we can buy the used books we need for a semester at a local book store for half the price of the original book. Not only that, we can return those books at the end of semester (only if the syllabi has not changed) and we get back half the price we paid!! Yes, I am not kidding. I am doing my graduation in Engineering if you are wondering so I have a semester of 6 months.

That’s it, all set. Take all these tips into practice because knowing something is different and doing it is different. As I told you before I put it into practice only THEN I am sharing it with you guys, so I actually studied for a test so seriously that I have NOT done in 18 months and I nailed it. I used the pomodoro technique along with this scheduling and all. I will share it with you guys in next post/video for sure. So it was really efficient for me and I am sure that it will be efficient for you as well.

If you have any start of semester tips then do let me know in the comments, I will have a look and may be include them in my next post/video, who knows. Also let me know if this worked for you.

Stay updated to know about my secret study techniques, Study with me sections, Pomodoro technique and other relating stuff. You can also request for something by commenting below. 
Thank you for reading “How to start your semester or academic school year right?”


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