Feb 19, 2017

My sibling challenged me to solve an unknown cube #TrendingOnYouTube

My sibiling brought a cube from a friend who does not know how to solve it so sib challenged me to solve it after little research I was able to solve it under a min. The normal colored 3x3 Rubik;s cube took me 2-3 hours to understand and solve for the very first time. But this one was awesome what so ever. What happens next? Check out the video for some fun ;)

Got awesome response, Thanx.

Spoiler: That unknown cube is Snake cube!


  1. wah. good record.. hehe.. i never seen this kind of cubes before.. but it look interesting to me to try.. haha

  2. What an interesting cube this looks like. I dont think it is avaulanle in Malaysia. Seems like it is easier to solve than Rubik's cube!

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