Feb 3, 2017

How to solve a 3x3 Rubiks cube in 1 minute? [Easiest Method on the web]

Hey Yo, this is my new video of the week. Firstly, sorry about the big delay but HEY! I got some good news for you. I will be uploading regularly from now on, that's a challenge of the year that I imposed on myself. I haven't decided which day to upload yet but once a week on either of the channel for sure. 
Having said that, this tutorial is about the 3x3 Rubik’s cube. This is the most basic and the very first way of solving the Rubik’s cube. 
You can use this method to solve ANY type of 3x3 Rubik’s cube (Including Mirror cube) so master this basic method and you are set to show off your skills to your friends or competitor.

I would like to take out this time and make you realize how cool it is to know "How to Solve a Rubik's Cube" I am not even kidding, let me take you back in memory and point out the time when someone you know was able to show you off that s/he knows how to solve it and then there you are, still doing random steps and you would always get stuck on the last row or column and would end up messing it up all together.
Also you having the fear that you will never be able to solve it if you jumble it up, right? Well, Alex is here. Have no fear because I promise you that, if you follow my guidance then at the end of this tutorial you will be having a completely solved Rubik’s cube in your hand.

Note: At any given point of time, a Rubik’s cube might look in 6-10 different cases in each layer (3x3 Rubik's cube has 3 layers if you haven't figured that out yet) . But I made sure that no one gets left out so I made separate tutorials solving each layer in all those cases.
There are 3 separate videos which you can check out in case if you lose track somewhere because I am going to solve this Rubik’s cube according to whatever way my cube comes up as,when jumbled. You can pause, rewind, fast forward and play the main tutorial but rest of the links to each solved layers are given below -

1.     First Layer Solved in all cases - Coming Soon

2.     Second Layer Solved in every case - Coming Soon

3.     Third Layer Solved - Coming Soon

Basics of Rubik's Cube

There are few things that you need to know about a Rubik’s cube that never changes no matter what. First thing first - 
  • 3x3 Rubik's cube has 3 Rows and 3 columns. If its a 4x4 Rubik’s cube then it would have 4 Rows and 4 Columns and so on.
  • There is a center piece color which never moves for instance - the red center will always be a red centre, Green will be always green and these pieces can not be moved no matter what. So one less trouble to set up center piece because it is fixed.
  • There is a middle piece which has 2 colors and will always be in the middle. For instance if a middle piece has orange and yellow and if we pick up orange THEN yellow center will either be on its right or left for sure. So its corresponding color will always be its neighbor.
  • There is a corner piece which has 3 colors and will always be in corners and there are only 8 corner's if you notice the cube. These pieces won't move into middle piece because it has 3 color's while middle piece will have 2 color's so corner piece will ALWAYS be in the corner.
That's all. Now that you know all the basic knowledge about a cube, we are ready to get going. 

One last thing is - Usually every cuber starts out with white center because it stands out from the rest so it saves up those couple of seconds if you are taking part in a competition.
To be honest I learnt how to solve a cube with the green center and when I heard about this fact, I tried it starting from the white center and it was really a mental shift because you get used to colors of previous algorithms but gradually it was easy for me once I mastered the dynamic mental shift. So for this tutorial I am going to start from white side, I recommend you to start it from white side itself, later on you can shift to another color for fun.

Note: At any point of time if you happen to make an error my misplacing the piece then make sure you remember the algorithm you used to make that error because you have to use the same REVERSED algorithm to rectify that mistake.
For example if I break a piece which is already solved ,by moving the cube as "Lifting up right and turning top to right" so then I do whatever other step I was doing that made you cause this error and once that step/piece is done, its time to rectify the mistake by doing reversal that is "I turn the top to the left (Because we turned it right) and pull down the right(Because we lifted up the right up."

Layout of solving the cube

1. Pick up the side to solve the cube (I pick up white and recommend you to pick up white for this tutorial for the reason mentioned above) and hold that white (color you pick) center facing upwards
2. Solving first layer 
  • Solve the cross of white in 4 steps
  • Solving white corner
3. Solving second layer
  • Place Middle Piece
4. Solving third layer
  • Building up Yellow(Opposite color of whatever color you picked which is facing downwards) Cross
  • Make middle column aligned completely with its respective color
  • Place corner piece
That’s it! 

I hope this tutorial was really helpful for you. If you practice enough then you can solve the cube using this method under a Minute or so. Also there are other methods which help in solving 2 of the pieces together which helps in reducing the solving time and it is called F2L (First two layers) It solves first two layers together as the name suggests. So if you want to learn that technique then let me know by commenting below. If mastered in F2L method then you can solve your cube under 30 Seconds which is still great, isn't it? Most of all almost all steps are similar and the layout concept is similar but modified steps. 

If you still have any queries, comment/post an image of the cube that you are stuck at, below I can help you in solving the cube for sure.

Keep smiling:)

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