Mar 4, 2017

Milk The Pigeon [Guide for anyone lost in their 20's]:Book of the day (1)

Milk the pigeon book cover

     This is the first original book I ever read in my entire life! Phew! Hahaha... Don't take me wrong, I love reading blog posts, or digital articles and stuff but I never read something non-technical before this. I remember reading "Tree of life" on wattpad couple of years ago. It was a great story too! So, it was around Nov 2016 when I came across this early readers email of the book and I decided to give it a try. A 298 Pages book with more than 60,000+ words! BAAM!
This book was published by Alexander Heyne who is the author and he does actually go through every single reply that I have ever responded to him. I like the good vibes that follow around this human. So in this blog post, I am going to review about this book, share with you my journey with this book and the ideas that popped up in my mind after reading it. I promise to keep it as jolly as possible.

My purpose of reading this book was just for some escape from the world and overthinking. I literally made myself read it! I read it during my holiday journey and the experience was a lot new. Like who knows that how does it feel to finish a page and move on to next. Jumping from one chapter to another LOL one crazy feeling! I am a movie person so I was always like, "OMG so many pages to go, ugh" Hahaha

Disclaimer: The book has swear words during the first 25% of the book indicating frustration, messy and "I don't care" mode life phase of the author. I am completely against any swear words so I edited the PDF by substituting the word with some random word. You can use this hack too :)

At this point of time, I am writing this introduction/review of this book for 4th time I suppose. Why?! (Answered towards the end of this article) Its like typing an essay that I had already presented several times before BUT every single time its a unique piece. Having said that - Milk the Pigeon is a book which helps you make decisions and take some serious actions towards your life. It's not a novel nor a made up story. It is a field guide which will help you through your 20's. In simple words, it is like a guide that indicated you about how to go with your life in your teen/tween age because it is the time when you have to
make the choices which will affect your future life.

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Gist :- Alexander (Alex) Heyne (Author), shares his life journey and the obstacles that he faced. He travels half way through the world to learn martial arts and Chinese medicine. He switches 8-12 Jobs in less than 5 years. He realizes what his passion is, which was always around him but he did not have enough motivation or guidance to pursue it as it was not a promised passive income way which our society promises to get from 9-5 jobs. He clearly jots down the points indicating his life turning factors and also helps us to point those factors in our lives by providing some unique exercise. He is an entrepreneur and author of 2 best selling books on Amazon. He is a self made millionaire, Own's a  clinic for treating his patients, has a YouTube channel and oh not to mention the very first blog of his - "Milk the Pigeon" So now you know;) Pretty successful in a short time span.

Things I like about the book - 

1) It's an interesting book because it is a real life based story. AND that person is successful yet its not like some biography because he is still developing so rapidly. (I used too many prepositions in one sentence sorry feds :D)

2) The methods that he used to glue all his life situations was impressive. For instance, he said we need to build a wall and in order to do so you need bricks. Once the wall is built up (Not the Mexican wall :/ ) you realize that every unknown brick that you used, makes sense! (Life situations) when I saw him successful and noted which bricks did he use. It ALL made perfect sense!
Now, this is not some quote which says"Believe in life timing, everything will make sense. Blah Blah" NO!! That is not the case. Every brick made sense BECAUSE he took some actions towards it. It was not like he just did random stuff and wanted everything to make sense. There are phases which are absolutely random and you will never know the reason. Don't expect to wait for the reason to open your eyes. It makes me nostalgic when I am unaware of the things that are happening without any reason. But accept it, you might never know its reason.

3) Inspiring quotes are placed along every chapter of the book.

4) The summary of each lesson has been written.

Things I don't like about the book -

1) The bad language around 10% of the book, which might be normal for few but would have been sweet if young audience is kept in mind.

2) There are some lines that are just repetitive.

I promised to answer you about why I wrote about this book's intro several times already? Ans- I made good bucks from this book just by writing articles in this niche. Now, earning from your own knowledge is something amazing. Why not try it out yourself? It's crazy when you make money from something you never tried :D It's a secondary stuff because getting away from the life phase was the sole purpose but you never know right?!

I would give it 4.95/5 overall since it taught me a lot and made me think with a pause! "Oh, that can happen too" Also, it my first big book. Please give me a break guys :D

Which book would you recommend me next? I am interested in business oriented stuff a lot but I don't mind fantasy. Comment below your thoughts now! And thanx for reading

- Alex O' Connor


  1. Wow. Very high rating for this book. congrats for finishing your first original book. From your review i believe this book is good to those who need motivation in life. Plus it is based on true story. Make it near to our heart.

  2. your review for this book!!! I would like to read this book!!

  3. thanks for sharing...
    I will read this book later

  4. why are there bad languages in a kids book? oh no!

  5. bad language will make my kids remember for a long time.
    thanks for the review, I think shall skip this book.

  6. Such a honest review. I would give this a read sometime. I just liked how detailed explanation you have given

  7. Such a great book. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I think this book is cool. Forget about bad language, kids eventually will learn it :)

  9. Most people are lost and not sure what to pursue when in their 20s. Some even into their 30s. Alex is no exception. However, his book sounds very interesting. Will try to pick up a copy.

  10. Oh.. I was lost when I was in my 20s as well... But now I'm 30 and still lost...Maybe I should get this book

  11. I really love your book review. It does cover the whole book and makes me wondering where can I get the book. Keep it up!

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