May 2, 2019

Italia Vescose Shoes in-depth Stylist Review

Trying to figure out which vescose shoes will fit you perfectly?'s understandable because they deal with lot of specific categories to help your feet adjust and fit according to the activity. Vescose, it’s an Italian brand and they recently expanded into the Indian market. Vescose shoes are loaded with high end technology and they are categorized into men , women and gym w/ sports shoes. So they tend to use two different technologies to fulfill those needs.

The Flexy-on technology basically absorbs the shock and it’s sole bounces back to the shape so it’s like a recovery foam. Air Breathable, Comfort Cushion, Anti- Bacterial and washable....

I ran for about 40 minutes and for me the shoes fit in perfectly around my ankle, the shock absorbing technology seems to have worked. Also I did not have a shoe bite which is incredible….and the main reason for it is that it has this Ultra-bounce technology which provides good cushion and adjusts, according to your feet.

Some of the sports shoes has pressure points at their sole so don’t forget to order your pair from vescose store:

Vescose Italia made some serious designed footwear for gym lover and fitness freaks. These footwear have one of the best grip in shoe market and provides comfort alongside. Build with tough material, these shoes lasts in feet with a cool sense also. Articles such as Vescose VSM 551 which is available in multi colours, which are white, navy, blue, red, grey, sky and black, loved by all types of people and age groups

As far as disadvantages are concerned, I don’t see any drawback to be really really open and honest. It beautifully wrapped my feet moreover some shoes irritate us with it’s tongue during the run but this one did not have that trouble at all. I would really recommend it. It may be hard looking but trust me, it’s great on flexibility and it is really soft inside.


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