Feb 12, 2015

People who I owe somehow or other (3 years, a Thank you note)

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    On account of my original Debut music track to be out on 14th Feb 2015. I take this opportunity today to thank each and everyone around me for all the lovely hearts and kindness and huge support they gave me in past 3 years. Its pretty difficult to sum up my Thank-you to these people but I simple owe them my success and I assure them that I will make you proud each passing day. People online and offline too equally so here we go with few names who have social accounts. Majorly I would love to thank my father who made me to rethink my life and existence to this universe.

+Aerin Lena This girl really bared my burned shoulder and had a patient ear for everything. She helped me a lot on and off with molding my mind to the outside world.
+Shivangi Nair , Shivangi nair (Fb) she was just there at right time and right places, always kept faith in me and told me to go for it. I could literally text her at 2 am and ask how my 'To be uploaded video' was ;p and she was the one of the people who I used to disclose every important moment/event.
+Trupti Nakhuva , Trupti (Fb) Source of big support in real time, I wont do anything without telling this girl sooner or later.
"Oreo" really close friend of me,questions me in everything and helps me to love more and more and makes me kinder inside out :)
I wont disclose some name but will mention the sites through which they connect to me- Kik, Instagram, YouTube, G+. (Consider yourself included if I text you back :))

People off social lists-
These people literally would freak out and congratulate for the same :p
Yamini, Mini, Surya, The hangout gang, Krazzy team, my family, Monalisa ;) that's her real name and many many more. The reason I do not list them all is because I kept it confidential to my endless list of friends about everything. My whole existence as'Leon Redfield' online as Poet, Singer-songwriter, Artist, SEO, Blogger, Actor, Director is unaware to them yet they love me for who I am.

Thank you so much each one of you.Thank you for the music people make and a huge respect to people who stand out good and make world a better place. <3

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