Feb 27, 2015

Google account hacked? (Urgent instructions to follow)

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      Do you think your account has been compromised or is been handled by wrong hands? It's time to secure your account. Also it is better to be safe than sorry so here are only three simple steps which will help you protect your account. (Google accounts only)

There are three primary steps to be followed:-

1) Change your password.

To do so-
a) Login in with your account.

b) Go to 'settings' - click 'Account'.
c) Scroll down to 'Sign-in' section.

d) Change your password
 [ It is recommended to change your password which includes Alphanumeric and special characters. For example, " doNoth@ckme00! ". But make sure you don't forget it ;)]

2) 2-Step verification.

This option totally allows you to secure your account strictly to the devices or computers you use which in turn will block the hacker from your account. Every time you login on a new Device/ PC/ Laptop, it will alert you. 

To do so-

a) Click on '2-step verification'. 

b) Click on 'Start setup'.

c) Re-Enter your password. (New password, as you changed it in step 1)

d) Select your country and enter your Mobile Number.

e) Select the way you wish to receive code.

[1) If you wish to receive code via call then people from Google will call you and will provide you with code, make sure you note it down.
2) If  you wish to receive code via text then you will simply receive a code]

f) Enter the code and click 'Verify'.

A conformation screen will appear.

3) Revoke access to apps.
This is the most IMPORTANT step of all, You need revoke all the unnecessary access to apps. So that you leave no chance for hackers to hack into your account again.

To do so-
a) Click on 'Settings'.

b) Scroll down to 'Connected apps and services'.

c) Revoke access to apps that you no longer use or feel suspicious about them or apps that you haven't given access to. Click on the app you wish to remove and click 'Revoke access' on right side of the screen.

TADA!! Congratulations :) You are now a safe internet user. Give yourself a pat.


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