Jan 13, 2015

Paint it green (Poem)

Paint it Green (Poem No.12)

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"Carpet of grass,
Mines of brass,
Refined from resources,
Against nature of forces.
Sparkling stars and musky moon,
Crawling briskly into the room,
Spreading elegance, wiping out mesh,
Flapping out lessons as it unleash.
Clumsy clouds with rusky rainbow,
Out so high, up in the sky rowed,
Carbons toss out thou seasons,
Mortals being one of the reasons.
Preserving gift from mother earth,
because it makes the life worth,
Passing it from hand to hand,
Because thats as we label it as a brand."

-Leon Redfield

Thank you for reading.

(Starting from now, I will include the real inspiration of the poem and the effects I used in the poem in authors note as it will help you some in learning and some in finding inspiration)
Authors Note - "After expressing poems a lot of times it occurred to me that I have never expressed myself especially as a poet my feelings for mother nature so I could start this out and end in a beautiful way which includes all the elements of nature from space to earth. I used direct speech as to connect to my audience as well as to add poetic effect.Rhymes too add to the poetic effects."

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