Jan 2, 2015

What exactly is a blog? Types and How to ?

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Wondered ever that 'what exactly is a blog?' and 'why do people blog?' Well your at the right place,say good bye to your doubts and let's learn something today.

Blog is a short form for web-logAs the name indicates, blog is a piece of information or expression of one self on the web.

In simple sense, you must have searched for piece of information on Google (Web) and you were landed on a website or page? well, it is a blog. Every website is more or less a blog which provides you direct or indirect information. Now let us realise that every information we access on internet is uploaded by an human so make sure you cross check before settling down to one fact/info.

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 Blogs are of different types and the top 5 are-

1)DIY(Do-It-Yourself)/"How to?" Tutorials i.e. business blogs,
2)Personal Blogs
3)SEO/Technical Blog
4)Cooking Blog
5)Photography/Travelling Blog

Although there are various types of blog but you need to find a niche but if you cannot then make sure you keep your readers entertained always with interesting content and inform them your routine about blog posts.

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Every blog would look more or less like the above.

The head tittle and the sub-heading.
The actual post which you were interested in and the "sharing" sites column.
About the author section because it helps in getting authorship and for various SEO reasons.
Adsense and marketing spaces and additional posts redirects.

Can you earn money from blog?
Yes, people earn money from blog but it shouldn't be the primary source of income. It takes a lot of time and knowledge investment and could take years to earn a 5-6 figure.

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You can chose any of free hosting sites like Blogger, Wordpress or tumblr etc. or you can create your own website BUT if your a beginner then you should definitely go with free hosting website instead of jumping into developing a website because a blogger keeps learning new things consistently AND there will be lot of things you need to learn if your not a tech savvy?. The good news is you can always shift from free hosting to your own website without losing followers.

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If your planning to start out then you need to keep in mind that -
Your blog is always up-to-date, Original content, creative. Invite guest bloggers because they bring me much more traffic. Build your fan base, keep yourself engaged with other bloggers. Learn what other bloggers are doing and always check your analytics and most of all promote your content without spamming.
Good luck!

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Thinking to start a Blog?Your late...wake up call.

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