Jan 2, 2015

Use Google to increase your online presence

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Want to get noticed online ? Need to set up a brand? Want to showcase your talent?
The answer is simple, One account for all... Let's say your an musician and you use YouTube to upload your work but you still have to use other networks for publicity and to connect to fans so the amount of work/clicks/stress to remember password and username decreases when you set up an single Google account.

What do you get with a single Google account?
Most important thing, Gmail- which allows you to get your emails from anywhere.(Inbox is a new mail box brought you by the same people as Gmail)
YouTube - Where you can upload your video.
Googleplus - Its all about sharing real life. ;)
You can set up a page from G+ profile and link that page to your YT channel or blog and also there is a local business page within itself to maximize your exposure.
Blog- who doesn't know about it.
Maps, Street view, Play store access, Google books, Google music, Google Docs, Calendar, Hangouts , Google glasses and fibre project..etc etc...
Now the real behind the screen benefits,
If you have a website, you link it to G+ profile via webmaster tool, then you set up publisher and authorship tag and check if it works or not on Data structure tool which was know as Rich snippet tool earlier. The cherry on the cake is that once you get verified, your profile receives a verified sign( the check mark) which makes you stand out of the crowd and YouTube channel gets verified itself so basically you just need a single account.

Why not choose Yahoo/MSN/Bing?
Everyone searches Yahoo or MSN on Google itself then why use yahoo or any other search tool, it may have different use but with authorship and publisher tag (Only true and original and relevant authors are eligible for it) your results show up on top of search page but in case of other platforms it may be stuffed inside ten thousand pages, and no one possibly considers results on third page so ten thousand'th page is quite impossible.
So you just need a correct and single account for your success factor online.
But make sure you use only one name and not various names because later it will be a lot of trouble for Authorship and getting yourself verified.
You do need other social networking accounts too depending on what your area of interest is.( Next post)

Personal tip -
I myself prefer Google, its a different thing that Google is what I walk and talk but talking in technical terms it has a very good potential for this internet space. I constantly explore Google everyday and tons of us do, you can find people like me on G+.

Good luck and for any assistance drop us a line.

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