Nov 23, 2014

What is YouTubing?? Explained from the scratch...

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"YouTube" is a platform for an individual to showcase their talents.
"You Tuber's" are those who make videos and upload then to YouTube.

YouTube is divided into many categories and all are important in their own factor but there are three major categories which contribute to billions of views to YouTube every month.

They are -




What is a channel?

A channel is where an individual can upload videos.For instance I have a YT channel namedReels of lifeWhere I upload funny stuff, Experiments, Short films, prank videos etc
I also have another channel namedGolden O Diamond (GOD) Of MusicWhere I upload Music videos, Covers and original tracks.

Who are subscribers and do they need channel to subscribe to you ?Subscribers are those who like your content and subscribe to you so that they don't miss out any of your videos.No, subscribers do not need channel to subscribe, Google account is more then enough.

Why is it necessary to follow niche ?It is important to have different channels for different stuff you upload because the subscribers would like watch videos from single niche rather than jumbling upon unnecessary stuff.

In easy words, Disney is a channel and we are subscribers. We subscribe to Disney channel so that we can watch their shows and we do not expect Disney to air music and tourist places shows because Disney is of teen shows niche and if in case Disney decides to air different stuff then we would be least bothered because we already have MTV for music and FOX traveler for tourist places.

Do we have to pay to subscribe ?

Not at all, its free to subscribe to channels you love. But can only subscribe to 2000 channels from single Google account.

How to earn money from YouTube?

Upload great videos to your channel but make sure its your original content and doesn't have infringement content that is copied content.YouTube offers partnership and allows monetization for videos you upload. Pew dew earns a figure of 6 through YouTube but it took him 9 years to reach that position.

What else can a Youtuber achieve?

1)Starting this year, YouTube stars have been eligible to receive 'Teen Choice' awards and YouTube music awards started last year too.

2)YouTube fan fest- Place where Youtubers are invited to perform and meet their fans.

3)You would undoubtedly become famous only if your content is unique and original and stable.

 4)Loads of companies want you to become brand ambassador for their teen products.

5)Interviews, Meet-Ups, Vid-Cons, and tons of opportunities.

6) Not to forget the fan mails ;)

But money is never our goal, our goal is to make videos because it makes us happy.

Features that gets unlocked -

1)Once you put up your first original video, monetization and partnership feature gets unlocked.

2)Playlist feature unlocks when you have more then two videos.

3) New 'Fans' tab will be visible which will help you know who are your top fans.

4)When you reach 10,000 subscribers you will be allowed to make a channel ad which will drive more traffic towards your channel because YouTube will suggest you to others.


Will can make your channel as paid subscription channel i.e people can only subscribe to you only if they pay you but this is not at all recommended because they would rather watch Netflix than paying for your channel.

Phase 2- Know about Personal, Public and Technical trouble you will face being an Youtuber and factors that will boost your YT channel

Thousands of people create new channel every month. Your being late?!

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