Nov 23, 2014

Personal, Public and technical factors and checklist to know before starting YouTube

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Personal factors-

1)Being exposed (No privacy)
Basically if your going to start a YouTube (YT) channel make sure your not a ghost video maker because people do not care whose behind the mask unless its Iron-Man.
So don't worry about the privacy because the more true your to your audience the more they like you but be careful.

2)Inter- connected online life
In order to gain more views and get more audience you need to let people reach you through other social sites.

3)Camera fear??
Even an professional was an amateur. So keep practising and you will soon be comfortable with it. Some tips....

4)Financial status?!
Doesn't matter, you only need a  camera or a web cam or mobile phone is more then enough too. You don't have to set up a studio in order to shoot . Just be creative :) keep it simple silly.

Public factors -

Haters- Being honest to you that there will be people who will judge you and hate you even if they don't know you. Don't feel low because your at least trying right.

Critics- Let go off :p

Technical factors-

1)What software to use ?
Most youtubers use imovies for Mac.
And adobe premier pro or Sony video editor for windows.
Other software's are cool too. Play with it.

2)Clarity should be maintained.

3)Use video converters for HD

4)It takes 600 mins to upload a 4-5mins HD video and around 250 mins for normal video.
You can always upload and schedule it to post it to public.


Custom URL - Create custom one time URL with sane name as channels name.

Channel banner- Upload your custom banner which defines you and your channel.

About section - Fill information about your channel and place links so that your fans can connect to you.

Channel thumbnail- Upload a pic which suits best for your channel content.

Video thumbnail - use custom thumbnails for videos.

Add descriptions to each and every video.

Tags- Tags to your videos from ascending order are of most importance.

Let your followers know when you will upload your next work.

Add water thumbnail for convenience to subscribe.

Suggest 'what to watch next' from one of your videos so that traffic doesn't cut away.

Check analytic's from time to time so that you know which social site drives more traffic to your channel and the amount of watch time and at which point the subscriber clicks away from your video.

Merchandise - Let people know where they can find your merch

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