Oct 21, 2014

How to build your online presence?(Basic Do's and Don't)

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Want to build your online presence in a fair way?
Steps to follow

A must do - Fill out your complete profile with an good image so that interested people will know a little more about you and may offer you some opportunity but if you don't fill out your profile with proper information you will be considered troll.

Do -

1) Link all your social sites together in each and every profile, if you have a website it would be great to link all sites together using a badge or links.
2)Make quality content and be original.
3)Engage among like minded people and try to develop yourself as well as lend a hand.The more you browse and comment the more people will notice you because you're "Like/+1,Heart" will be counted along with others like "101 people liked this photo" but if you comment then it will have more chances that you will be noticed.
4)Go with the trend i.e. make content related to #trending hot topics.
5)Place relevant Hash tags (#) so that your content can be visible to people searching for it.
6)Post things with related people or community only, but make sure you post everything on your own profile because a person interested in photography might also be interested in paintings.
7)Do your homework, yush ( yes i said yush instead of yush coz thats how we do it;) ) you need to invest at least three months to get the basic idea of a single platform because its not gonna work if you post photography skills on twitter...Duh... (We have done homework for you, follow our next posts).
8)Try making friends online who will be always helpful and around because every Re-Share counts and you need to build a strong base of followers rather than just spammers and unfollowers.
9)Read blogs about your own interest, this will help you learn things you might not know and based upon it, you can pass out the information which people do not know.
10)Make sure that you like,+1 or Re share other peoples content too so that they know who are their real followers and you never know when will be featured in their work ;)

(Always be loyal and do not forget that your a person behind the screen, people matter more than numbers.)

Don't -

1)Do not share your content in same page or community repeatedly or on your own page or you will be labeled as spammer and banned from community.
2)Do not use too many hash tags, as this will make you seem like "attention seeker" which people usually don't like.
3)Don't be rude towards others in the same field (or anyone in short) as you because it might lead to "Kicking off' opportunities situation, suggestions are always welcomed by everyone so drop them a line and they will be pleased too.
4)Don't stuff the post with only links,add some personal message to every link you share. Same with the posts or content or links you Re-Share, add personal touch to them.
5)Don't make the content too biasing as it will create a greater "Hate" base than a "Fan" base because everyone has different opinions and we should respect it too even if we don't agree to them.

(Don't stay online always, go get a life too :p )

Hope it was informative and make sure you follow the step 3 of "Do" because its the origin of all.
Drop us a line if you can include anything in the list.

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