Oct 12, 2014

Life Without You (Poem No.8)

Life Without You (Poem No.8) [Red Roses garden]

Life without you

Imagine How useless and worthless will be the things like - 
Eyes without sight, 
Sky without sun, moon and stars,
Tree without leafs, 
Lake without water,
Flower without fragrance, 
Skin without sensation, 
Heart without beats, 
Music without lyrics, 
Kingdom without king, 
Rain without rainbow, 
Life without reason, 
Sleep without dream, 
Romeo without Juliet, 
Science without Newton, 
Poems without Shakespeare, 
Christmas without snow and presents,
Smile without happiness, 
Fruits without taste, 
Child without parents, 
Angel without wings, 
And that exactly how I feel without you. 
I am just totally incomplete and worthless without you.
That's why I love u more than anything.
Because you make me complete

-Alex O' Connor
All Rights Reserved
Poem no.8

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