Oct 21, 2014

Thinking to start a Blog or youtube?? You're late.......(Wake up call)

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Lets mesmerize our self with what year we live in, 2014? ummm and you are still  "THINKING" to start your own Brand/YouTube channel/Blog or simply need more followers? well this is your wake up call - START IT RIGHT NOW!!!

Let me take you on a small tour of our online world. 
Figures first- over 1000+[Figure is more then just 4 digits but lets consider it coz i don't wanna simply freak you out ;) ] accounts are set up for Blog and YouTube everyday. So your chance of getting "just noticed" decreases by 1,000+ everyday and by the end of month its 30,000+ and by the end of year its 3,60,000+ i.e a round figure of 4,00,000+. So by the time you start your thing it will be finished. 
Internet is evolving everyday so i plead you to start whatever is on your mind because its better late than never and the more time you take to think for "what? , how?  and why?" it will be more then difficult.

Lets say-
You don't know where to start? lets do it together, follow our weekly "How to" tutorials to make sure your doing it right.
(The soul purpose of my these series of posts is to help so many talented people who don't have confidence or just the lack of knowledge about how powerful tool the Internet.)

Starting with basic step- 

You might be confused that "what should be my first  blog post/video?" or "How do i handle my photography account or what type of photos do i click?" or "Will people like my content?" 

So first just create the account and just be random
Yes, you have to be random, just put up whatever you feel like and after 5 posts/ 2 videos/ 10 pics you will understand that what exactly your interested in i.e your "niche" but make sure that you learn with every single thing you upload or publish because finding your niche is really important and that's how the social Media/Networking is.

But are you multi-talented/ high-five because you have to struggle a bit more like me and simply work hardER but we got your back.
After you get the basic idea of how things actually work you have to be engaged with the right people and start building up your networks.

Uploading and publishing is just not enough because it is same as the new student in the school who doesn't gets much attention or gets too much wrong attention...and are you afraid that your stuff will be liked or unliked by people? 

Simple rule - You are going to get hate as much as you get love ,ratio can be 3:7 or 5:5 but gradually the right people will find you so invest time and be patient.( You will start noticing a success rate by the end of 3rd month itself but only if you have great content.)

What are you still reading,Still wasting your time ;) get yourself moving and get your thing started RIGHT NOW! 

Good luck and drop a word of what was your dream?
If you have any queries please feel free to ask, we will be really glad to help you to set up everything from the scratch.

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