Sep 25, 2014

Stepping Into Future (Poem No.5)

Every new day, a we ray wake thee up,
New hope and faith fills the heart,
Eyes search for happiness,
Mind does its trick and sets the step ahead.
Stepping into the future,
The future of heaven,
The future of grace,
The future if evolution and new beginning.

Future of future collides,
The glossy beams sparks out,
Lights up the whole town,
Sometimes a whole life,
Sometimes for a moment,
So let's step into future.

Ruthless for wishing upon a broken star,
Because its dead by million light years.
The fear always lies within,
Which is just the a absence of belief. 
They teach you about the light and heat,
Never by cold and dark.
Thou shall not lose anything being optimistic.

Key to the treasure chest,
Resides within you.
For stepping into future,
Peek into the pallets and look around.
The future is already set awaiting you,
Help yourself to absorb all the gifts it holds.
Because the grass is greener on your side too,
My friend....

-Alex O' Connor
All Rights Reserved

Poem no.5


  1. Lovely Leon - once you find the spark that resides in you - life changes beyond measure.


  2. thank you Gayle :)
    I feel the same