Sep 29, 2014

Heart As Hard As Stone (Poem No.6)

"Cradle a rock,
Crack it along the clock,
Make a phase,
With a great face.
Brush the dust,
But don't settle to rust.
Be suitable to carve yourself,
Like streams make way for themselves.
Metamorphic in nature,
But born within that nature.
Soft at the core,
brittle at the medium,
Strongest at the layer.
As hard as diamond,
But as delicate as clay mould .
Applause to your heart,
Which is as strong as stone.
So strong , so still.
Cause your heart is as hard as stone,
But fragile like rose." 

-Alex O' Connor
All Rights Reserved
Poem no.6

Proud to announce that I wrote this poem under perfect poetic rules especially the rhymes.:) 
Thank you for reading. 
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