Jun 30, 2014

Make a difference in the world ;)

As I grow up day by day I realize that life is too short for anything to achieve so we need to get going, work better and harder and reach our goals sooner. There are huddles which stops and breaks us down but we have to realize that they are meant to cause obstruction but its our call if we fall for it or get up and dust ourselves and start walking forward.

Not everyone can be famous or celebrity or rich but if you try then its worth a shot. Instead I see people who just don't mind being invisible and I don't understand why they give so much heed to negative stuff. You have a life , live it , renovate it , seek it and pleasure it. Your born a human , the most intelligent creature on planet earth but still you think that your not fit for something ?
I think its time that you show people that you exist.

Make a difference , be different. They say that "when you come to this earth you bring nothing and when you die you take nothing" but hey you failed to realize that we take our names when we die, so make sure its just NOT a name but a legend . Bring out the best in you, if you bind your heart and should there's nothing that you cannot reach. I make sure that my name should be a legend and people should remember me for ages to come but are you making sure that your not being just "ANOTHER" name but the first one ?!

Let people care or not , you are you. Your the one who will smile, cry, fear and live up your life so don't let other people write your story because it can't be told as best as yourself.

Just trying to optimize you . Good luck buddy.

- I am Anonymous Hope

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