May 28, 2014

3 tips to spot a lie.

Henry ford quote
We all start to lie from the age of 3-6 years and by the time we reach our adulthood , we hear over 200 lies per day. (Only if you interact with people;))

So how to spot the liar ? well, we are here to help you by presenting you the top three ways to spot a lie!

1) Eyes -
Eyes speak a lot about what the person is thinking and about their personality too. It has been proven that , the size of the pupil increases when someone lies because our mind is focusing on too much to come out with random possibilities and it starts to over think too much just like when you solve math problems.

2) Body language -
When we lie our body experiences discomfort and uneasy so we try to move a lot or stay stiff so as not to get caught. If the person is too restless or too stiffly focused then he might be the liar by for just in case go to point 3.

3) Pitch/ speech - 90% of lies are conveyed through verbal. So the person lying will have difference in his/her pitch , there will be lot of variations in his voice level and the sentences go unfinished because he/ she is probably coming up with a new lie in their mind which makes the output speech slower just like when you try to focus on two different tasks and end up getting both messed halfway.
So next time you think someone's lying to you then don't forget to observe them especially Eyes ( only if your lucky enough and she/ he isn't wearing sunglasses :p )

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  1. i love ur blog it is so cool :)

  2. actors ? well some are really good at constantly lying so they come up with an instant lie in that time you can ask them the worlds most difficult question and that is "the statement in reverse" meaning ask them to narrate the story of what happened in reverse that way its pretty hard for them to remember the sequence of their blue and they would get caught but if someone is true then she can recollect it from memory coz he experienced it :)

  3. Thank you so much. It means a lot
    I thought no one will like it but I'm so glad.:)

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