Jun 3, 2014

If the foundation is weak, you cant build a building on it

If the foundation is weak , you can't build a building in it

This is not about any construction stuff but about the construction of your thoughts. How many of us think of doing a thing or changing the world or starting an idea of renovating or unique stuff ? But fail to put it into actions ??!!! Why does this happen ? I'm going to help to strength your base of thoughts but unless you decide to strength it , it won't be strong so first make up your heart and mind that you are going to lay a foundation , a very strong foundation.

"I need to start doing this, I can do that thing easily , I have the ideas but I don't know how to put them to application, now I have started but there is no positive response may be I should wait for a week and see the output then. "- are these questions arising in your mind ? If yes then your on the right path , just get your hopes up and have patients . It is really easily to lose self confidence in these situations but do you want to give up at the last moment ? Think twice.

" I guess I'm the only one trying to do things differently and nobody cares so may be I am doing something wrong and I should give up" this is the bulldozer of your thoughts. Trust me since you say this to yourself , you will never achieve anything because every single time this will be your line and gradually your life motto. So eradicate these though of I can't and say I will do it even if I have to walk against the world (only if it is a good thing )

Just think for While if you won't love yourself then how can you expect someone else to love you ? Same way if you do not have faith and hope on yourself , no one will have faith or hope on you. Definitely it takes time to achieve successes but if you break your first step itself by giving up then the climb will be difficult and yourself are to be blamed.

Our thoughts are just like building if you lay a strong foundation it will stand still for decades or century too but if your foundation is cracked it will make the building fall anytime and even responsible for lives of others. So make sure your base Is strong and pillars are supportively stronger.

Its never too late for anything so is there anything you gave up ?? Start it right now :) because its your part and no one can do your part as cool as you.

I am Anonymous Hope
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