May 24, 2014

Never Say You Have No Time....

How many times did you say that you have no time to help someone or to talk to them or just the tasks you were assigned ? Very often ? A lot ? May be everyday. We all agree that we don't have time for things and label ourselves as busy irrespective of our age.
But did you notice how much time you spend online, to watch a TV show, to listen to music, watching YouTube , or simply talking over phone? Or also going out or doing your hobbies ?

The thing is we always try to give priority to the things that benefit and matters to us.we would rather watch a favorite TV show than helping a friend with project.

A very relatable example is - your exams are on and your friend asks you to help him or her with some lesson or to complete for or whatever but you tell them that you have a exam timetable and can't help him / her now because you have to study, though you really study or not but you watch your favorite show ! On time, go online on time! Why. ??? Because your heart wants to do it.

Similarly if you have less priority to things which aren't related to you then you will be less bothered to do them. For instance your online and two friends send you text messages you tend to talk longer and first with the person that most matters to you and later to talk or might just say your busy with other stuff to the other person because he/she are of less importance to you at the moment . Basically like I said in my last post our brain compares things constantly even if you realize it or not.

So next time if someone ever says that he/she can't join you for a catch up or isn't willing to lend a hand simply accept it that they have more "better" stuff to do but when you say you don't have time to help someone think twice because as you sow so shall you reap it. You actually have lot of time if you are sophisticated and planned , try to handle things rather then letting them handle you.

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