May 19, 2018

The Jasmine Bloom: Book of the Day (5)

The first thought that pops up into mind when you hear the title " The Jasmine Bloom" is that, there might be a fragile human trying to grow out in life (Bloom), more of less - Yes, this story is all about it but with loads of shocking twists and turns. May be it's all about the ugly choices we adults make. At some point it still cranks me up that adults needs a different mindset at-least when making a life-decision because regret makes it worse of all.

So today I am going to review "The Jasmine Bloom" Book by the Author Mr. Rajat Narula. You can find this book on Amazon, Google Books, Good Reads Etc....

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Paperback: 232 pages

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors (October 10, 2017)

Language: English

Who would I recommend this book to: If you are not into ugly side of the world and more on the white side of the world then this book is not for you. I know few people who would like to keep off complications, even if they are in form of stories. But if you are a regular reader then there's something that might interest you. Far and far, it is not a bad story just undigested twists :D

What is this story about? : About 2 couples, living their lives until they overlap each other. Each one of them displays different mindsets, traits, past experiences, present situations, unhelpful thoughts, supportive friends, fishy colleagues, desperate desires and none the less revolutionary actions

My thoughts on this book?: Overall it's somewhere close to reality. Because you never know what you heart says and what your mind says. It makes it difficult to make a choice! But it's not only about how their lives revolve and overlap. Mr. Rajat has made sure to include reality based routines and life examples. For instance how one can always hear their neighbors soap channel in the evening. Or

how the surrounding is when you get back from office, how do you park your car. These are few things which we actually notice but SUBCONSCIOUSLY so it was pleasant to realize them...... great build of the story.

The way the story is structured, it like the ending of a English horror movie. Meaning there isn't right continuity in chapters. There is continuity in the theme but not the scenes or possibly left to the bit obvious imagination of the reader. Could be a smart move by the Author Mr. Rajat Narula to do that!
The book also displays a fusion of life of an Indian not only in India but in London as well.

The jasmine bloom does not have any visuals inside if you are looking for some visuals then nope. Not too boring nor too cringy.....just the overalls.

Would you give it a read? Yes, No? Do let me below. Which book do you want me to review next?

- Al


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