Oct 6, 2016

#MadeByGoogle Explained in 3 Mins

Just Yesterday we discussed about the #GoogleLiveEvent so here is a 3 minute Video explaining all the important product released and key notes ;) So if you missed the live event then this video is just perfect for you. This includes -
And what it does not include is Google Assistant mention but never mind.

Watch the video below

Kicking off the event with -Goggles first phone ever

which obviously is not Nexus as rumors persisted in past so its Pixel and the name is taken from the past google project if you are a google fan boy you would know it.

I was pretty much upset that Google project  aria was discontinued but we can adjust with
pixel I suppose. So it offers the following-
  •  It has the best battery charge time that’s very impressive I must say. 15 mins charge will suffice your phone to work for 7 hours.
  • Best camera ever
  •  Already designed covers which are available in play store AND this phone comes in 3 colors out of which one is only for usa residents and that lucky color is blue.

Moving on to next product – Google Home

To be very honest sounds like home but its more like a new mom. I mean its amazing how many tasks it can simply do but the amount of task it can make us do is frightening.

Over all its basically helps you not get bored at home and also remind you of doing your tasks as well as helps you with handling gadgets at your home. Its design is really impressive and comes with different base colors so Google still leaves the choice with you.
Amazing google!

Then comes the stunning virtual reality glasses

These are Google's first VR glasses and its named Daydream, the name is catchy too. So instead of just day dreaming in real life we can now day dream virtually! Lol :D

But it Offers great graphics and very reasonable price as well. Oh most of all you can simply use it with pixel without any hustle.

Next in the row is - Google Wifi

Well as the name suggest it’s a WiFi offered by Google but you gotta expect big things from big giants right? So it offers better signal strength, broader range and increased bandwidth with a sleak design obviously. 
I am not sure if it’s a better buy or not but sounds good so far.

Then comes - Google Chromecast

 Its stated to be the fastest chromecast ever.  Unique features are – It lets you experience you in 4k and also supports HDR so what’s more you wanna ask?


All these products are available for pre-order and most of them are ready for sale for people living in usa. Also you can sign up on their site so that they can inform you when you can own these amazing products. 

Thats All for today!


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