Oct 14, 2016

Does blogging really bring you money? (My first $$)

From Fellow Blogger
  Hey, Let me guess..... are you a fellow blogger? or basically someone who is interested to start your own blog in future or someone who is trolling to see if we (Bloggers, Writers) really earn some bucks?! Dang!! Well I would say you are at the right place, why not? after all you must have searched the whole web (Those first 10 Google pages LOL) and clicked a bunch of click baits and misleading tittles who don't let you find the answer or else you would be a millionaire right?! I will let you save all that trouble if you haven't already been trapped in it, if so then I am sorry that I didn't post this before.

So Blogging (Any Niche) really earn you money? If Yes, then - "How much?", "Through what?", "Are there any tricks?", "How many Views do you need?"......... Jeez! Get hold of yourself please as I will cover all your point in this full fledged post about - "How much bloggers earn?" and most importantly "At what point?." Mostly would be covering about the earnings from Adsense because that is the main source that most bloggers consider but will give free tips to get you some extra bucks. Lets hop into it !!

I started my blog as sub-domain (Example: www.thisisasub-domain.blogspot/wordpress.com) on Blogger 5 years ago. I posted my first poem and clicked on it several times that made a total pageviews of 673 and I was so excited to see that so many people saw my work so kept refreshing it more unless I realized that, those are my own page-views which is not legit by the way. So after lots of trials and errors, I taught myself everything from online itself and meanwhile I was being a YouTuber so I was building up my brand and decided to buy a domain an year ago. (Like this one www.iamalexoconnor.com) and it all started a year back. Even though I kept my blog updated every now and then but didn't post so often to be precise. Early this year I became serious about it and started making posts and being regular. So that is enough history for today ;)

The real juice starts here - I wanted to earn money through blogs online. I barely had 12,000-16,000 lifetime views and how much that earned me though Adsense is not even couple of dollars and I am very serious about that. Investing like 3 serious years with genuine real social sharing with 15,000+ views approx you only get some 2.68 cents? which Google doesn't even send you unless you hit a 100$ threshold so that amount doesn't even pay your electricity bill. I wanted to earn 100$ So I went ahead with a method which I have been known since long (I read a lot on internet ;) ) and also used my SEO knowledge (Oh, did you know you can hire us for SEO optimization. Contact us here) started making good content and gave my best and ended up with this AMAZING results -

1) I crossed my 10,000 ADs display which is infact very cool in simple language.
2) I learnt that for 1,00,000 Page-Views you earn ............  Continue reading


  1. Thanks for sharing, im a blogger myself. I dont expect to make much from blogging, i love sharing mainly.

  2. Coolies...now that I know your secret I am going to try it out..and btw..personal opinion..it's a bit of a bummer when the click to continue goes to another blog...hehehhe

  3. Making money from blogs is a long-time dream for many bloggers. I still believe that one should just blog for passion and the money will come.

  4. When your passion reflects on your blog, the clients will be more engaged to collaborate. Also always delivery what is agreed upon, and add some extra miles.

  5. totally agree with Yana... like should i be commenting there or here?

  6. Interesting share and with regards I always believe that as a start, blogging or any content online for that matter has to start with passion and come from the heart.

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