May 23, 2014

Don't Compare Yourself To Others

We as humans always compares things .our brain is wired to do so, may it be choice between colors, movies, celebrities, jobs and even our friends and love life . And sadly we compare ourselves to others too.

May be its time we change , because you don't know the story of others and you can't walk in their shoes but the main point is that ,your not any less than the person you compare to yourself. As an individual we should learn to love ourselves and then can we expect people to love us too. 

Like all the finger prints ,we are unique too, with different set of problems and cheers. We might have common problems but our situations are different and the only thing we all strive for is to be happy . At the end its the only agenda of our lives. 

So I guess its time we start being the "First" rather than "the next" Newton or Mahatma. Always remember that your unique from inside but its all depends on your state of mind to pull it out and realize it. I say stand out of the crowd and let the crowd follow you. :) 

Remember that the person your comparing to yourself might have walked 1000 .miles ahead of you facing the same obstacles or he/she must have not started their journey yet, there is a lot of different between both ;)

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