Mar 28, 2013

Love you dad (Poem No.1)

Little baby with daddy

The time I was born,

you held my hands like a fragile glass,

always kept me in your eyes,no day no night.

Divided your love to your family only,

"SELF" never struck your mind.

Restless work you did to conserve my future,

so tired but still lifted me to play.

Wished you cared for your health,

Even i was a fool, to not realize.

Never must a child thought-DAD WOULD GO SO FAR AWAY,

So didn't I !!!!!!!!!!!!

Regretting for not looking after you,

Like you did, then the things might be different i guess,

But i'm sure,I wouldn't had to STARE at the stars

searching- "which might be you?!"

It was just too early, that you left,

before i could say-


      I am Anonymous Hope

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