Oct 2, 2016

Apologizing Dawn (Poem No.14)

Sitting in the dark madness,
Leaning on a wrecked branch.
I hear my name being called with joy,
Drawing my eyes towards dawn.

It was just a casual talk,
And everyday habit walk.
Goodness set me up,
 we ended kissing up.

Misplaced landing on grass hit me,
Fearing eyes locked with her.
Swift flash of past clicked,Reminded,
How I ended up leaning on branch.

Stood up looking at feet,
I hear my name being called with cluster.
Mind set to let go off,
Kept walking to find another branch.

It's not your fault, you are the queen,
The fault's in me, I turned into a beast.
Hope you called when I used to lean by riverside,
But it's not a moment, so I apologize to you.

I miss you, love you, take you to my heart,
But wrong place, wrong time,
Left you too, on a branch.

-Alex O' Connor (Bhavya)

(Poem No.14 )
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