May 19, 2018

The Jasmine Bloom: Book of the Day (5)

The first thought that pops up into mind when you hear the title " The Jasmine Bloom" is that, there might be a fragile human trying to grow out in life (Bloom), more of less - Yes, this story is all about it but with loads of shocking twists and turns. May be it's all about the ugly choices we adults make. At some point it still cranks me up that adults needs a different mindset at-least when making a life-decision because regret makes it worse of all.

So today I am going to review "The Jasmine Bloom" Book by the Author Mr. Rajat Narula. You can find this book on Amazon, Google Books, Good Reads Etc....

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Paperback: 232 pages

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors (October 10, 2017)

Language: English

Who would I recommend this book to: If you are not into ugly side of the world and more on the white side of the world then this book is not for you. I know few people who would like to keep off complications, even if they are in form of stories. But if you are a regular reader then there's something that might interest you. Far and far, it is not a bad story just undigested twists :D

What is this story about? : About 2 couples, living their lives until they overlap each other. Each one of them displays different mindsets, traits, past experiences, present situations, unhelpful thoughts, supportive friends, fishy colleagues, desperate desires and none the less revolutionary actions

My thoughts on this book?: Overall it's somewhere close to reality. Because you never know what you heart says and what your mind says. It makes it difficult to make a choice! But it's not only about how their lives revolve and overlap. Mr. Rajat has made sure to include reality based routines and life examples. For instance how one can always hear their neighbors soap channel in the evening. Or

Dec 22, 2017

Two Angels : Book Of the Day (4)

Two Angels : Book Of the Day by alex o connor

A love story in it's delight. I have seen and read several stories and when someone is terminated by illness, usually all authors tend to use cancer as it's cause which is to be honest very boring and unrealistic. There is undesirable amount of pain and process hidden behind the cancer patients and their family, supporters. Even if 1 of the 100 stories is legit , it doesn't feel like it because the reason becomes too saturated! I'm glad that the author (Nivedita Vedurla) didn't not use the too obv
ious reason.
Today, I am going to review "Two Angels" Which is a love story. I came across Nivedita (Author) through a social site and I decided to look it up with the book. I'm glad to cross paths with her. It's like a book can bond two people. That's real!

What is this book about?
I can't disclose the main plot but here's a little summary already given for the book: " The story revolves around Arun (Guy) and Esha (Girl), their relationship is short and leaves Arun devastated. Could he have found love only to lose it all to fate? Will he survive the loss? The answers take him back to Esha, and to the realization that love comes in many forms. This story is a journey to love through friendship, from loss to hope. "

  • Format: Kindle Edition as well as paperback is available
  • Print Length: 172 pages
  • Publisher: Invincible Publishers (1 November 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0773QFSPK
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My Review:
The cover is really interesting, I like the 3-D effect of the water drop. Along with the book, I got 2 bookmarks! That's the number one pleasure of any book reader. What's a book without bookmark? Saturday night 11 PM I decided to start reading the book. After going through the acknowledgment , segregation and dedication I read the summary. I thought to myself - "ummm.... is this the start of story?.... Kinda sad.. poor guy" Then starts the real deal.
The story revolves around a guy named Arun and a girl named Esha but with an Indian flavor mixed with

Dec 19, 2017

The Goat Thief : Book of the Day (3)

perumal murgan the goat thief book review by alex o connor

Start from the start? Haha here out my review of " THE GOAT THIEF by Perumal Murugan " (Oh, I did not have to struggle to get his name pronounced right, after all we have been to Tamil Nadu AND we got some south Indian flavor in us too) Inshort this book revolves are shot strories compiled into one package combined with juggernauts!

Product details
  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Juggernaut (30 October 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9386228491 / ISBN-13: 978-9386228499
  • Package Dimensions: 19.8 x 13.4 x 2.4 cm
  • Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars 7 customer reviews on Amazon
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #2,163 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) As of this review date.
  • And #189 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Contemporary Fiction (Amazon)

Comprehensive review:

When I received the book, looking at the cover page ‘PERUMAL MURUGAN THE GOAT THIEF’ suddenly the title strike to me as "A goat thief was Lord Subhramanaya" (Son of Hindu God Shiva known as Murugan, mostly popular in South India especially Tamil Nadu) until on later realization. 
I also found it head-up difficult to understand the title as I read  - "Perumal Murugan A Goat Thief" all in once line. But that's not the case. They should have included a slant line between the name of the author and the name of the book. 

This book is regulated towards natives, regular readers or people with travelling as a hobby, people in search of fresh short stories or for collection can sense the region (as Tamil Nadu) and chances for connecting more with respect to imagining the description of setup, relating to childhood days, comparing the resembling characters and much more with these stories.

Buy this book from Amazon


Discovering the rare subjects and with keen observations the story revolves around by a thrilling end or I would rather say - with an ending open to readers imagination. After completing the book, I was stuck with a thought in mind that "in this world every existing (human) has a different journey. And the author has narrated the selective collection of ten stories beautifully in a compact way, for us to rejoice and take a glimpse of the some.
If you didn't yet notice then, this is a translated book. So I should say that the translator has restored the essence of the stories and its naturality. And the efforts made by translator can be sensed while reading.

the goat thief review by alex connor
Each story defines the setup around, the characters driving through menace and story progresses while dealing with life journey, heave sight of relief or to a state that cannot be explained or some taking pleasures and stops with open ends.

The book is divided into several short stories and out of them ‘The Man Who Could Not Sleep’ and ‘Unexpected Visitor’ in both where the characters long for the relations longevity at later phase of life.
The Night The Owls Stopped Crying’ was haunted and exciting.

The Goat Thief’ story progress after the failed attempt of a thief. And in the others, Character in the stories revolves around different Objects like-Chair, Well, etc. Putting together, one can get the feel of the story only after reading it and here it goes into the collection of Short Story lovers.
But I will not suggest this book for children and new readers.

At the start of the book even before entering into stories mode, the following phrase caught my attention the most:

“Looking at the finished Kolam from a distance, you may feel that something is amiss. A stray flower, picked up and placed at the center, can erase the flaw and bringing perfection to your doorway.”
I wouldn't rate it 5/5 and will not suggest it for newbies at all but keep up the gyan ';)

Hope you guys felt this review was useful, show some love by letting us know in the comments. Kudos!

Nov 30, 2017

Does this Shoes beat Nike in terms of comfort? (Vandeu Review)

Loooooong time right? Been caught up with some more tasks. It is kinda possible that I might side track blogging but let's see. So I came across this mixed reaction against a shoe brand. By now you must be aware that I love wrist accessories and shoes so much. Vandeu set me up with a pair of shoes of my choice from what was available and this is how the report goes! 
Psst: If you have been here since long then by now you must be already aware that my reviews are always extreme and totally honest. Read on for unbiased reviews :)

First online impression: The online catalogue was not totally up to it in regards to women's section. So out of 'em picked up one which suit's my style. There were only handful of items which would be preferred by today's generation. To my amaze the men's section was much more interesting. Thumbs up to the delivery on time. If not then they even made a special arrangement for me....BAM! Thanks to himesh for that.

The package was so classy. I adore such presentation. But what caught my attention the most then and now is "How light and soft it is!" I did not expect it to be so good. There is a possibility that I might have expected less from it but I gave it a chance and at first look I wasn't disappointed. The strips and pattern was exactly what I ordered for.
When I held it, it was super-duper light. I thought to myself - "Did they compromise on the quality?" So I went in for a quick visual shoot (Photo-shoot)

I vaguely remembered that they wrote on their website about being the first brand to use introduce memory cloud foam. As a Digital media marketing expert, I brushed it off because using high-end words to publicise is just the new trend and it always works. So it wasn't easy fooling me. But I must say: 'They stood to it' 

The quality was not compromised. Vandeu shoes are made out of new technology and the padding that you get is just another level. I wore them to comic con Mumbai 2017. You can find that Vlog hereI was there for about 10 hours and I didn't feel a pinch of wearing it.

Styling lace and Sole: As many fashionista's know that keeping laces inwards is cool

and it has been my style since too long too. I don't use the clippers inside to hold the laces in, instead I tuck them under sole but I noticed that the side bar holding them was fixed so the tongue of the shoe doesn't have a gap. It looks like sneaker's but doesn't have that gap as you can see from the image below. 

Talking about the padding. DAMN! SWEET! It was so smooth that I had to wear socks to make myself feel that I won't slip off the shoes haha. and there won't be any shoe bites because the design is too dynamic so it adopts to your feet in a beautiful way. This was the most impressive part about it. 

Quality: Being on feet all day and walking along dusty roads, the dirt doesn't just stick to it. You heard that right fellas. Okay it does sound like an endorsement but no, trust me on this. Go to any near-by vandeu store and just have a look yourself. 
I didn't have to clean my orange and white combo shoes at all. The quality was good. So my doubt was cleared that they are good in standards.

I was not satisfied with the review, I wanted to put those shoes to extreme ends because how come it is so good. If true then this company needs more recognition but if it fails? - then they can improve on those. So I went in for a run (You can check out that video on my YouTube channel) and haha there was nothing to complain about. They delivered what was stated. So far I love it. Can't say anything about it's life span yet but doesn't seem to fade away any soon.

Compared to my other shoe collection this was provided me with the BEST comfort in years. Not even once did the feel the strips to my upper side or toes. When a Nike would sting you after wearing for so long. You won't understand it at the moment because before I wore it, I thought having a hard sole is just the thing but creating a strong shoe with softest padding is just Vandeu. But if there's anything I would suggest is : Add more designs and varieties

Here are some of their links that you guys can check out:


Throw some feedback, was this review helpful to you? Comment below and let Alex know today.....

Nov 6, 2017

Dog, Yogi, Banyan tree: Book of the Day (2)

Dog, Yogi, Banyan tree Review by alex o o connor - Book of the Day

       What's the number one trait of successful people? Reading atleast one book everyday. If you have been following me since long then you must be aware of - how much I adore book lovers. Thanks to Hetal for hooking me up with this book, "Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree By Rajan Sankaran" (Click on link to get it on amazon).
As soon as it arrived, being a creative I wondered why was this cover chosen! I took a good look at the entire book, publication, dedication, about me, the font style, number of pages and then the index. It made zero sense to me. I have always been great at putting up puzzles together but to me it made zero sense about what it could be.
I started reading it, it didn't take me a single page of read to get attached to it. Because every single line made perfect sense and followed my code of ethics, lifestyle. Before we hop into the summary here's a quick look at stats:

  • Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree
  • Author: Mr. Rajan Sankaran
  • Pages: 222 + 1 Note to the reader
  • Chapters: There are no numbered chapters but 28!
  • Suitable for: Everyone who is keen for self growth.
  • Quotes that will keep up your reading spirit.
  • Hilarious narration, to make it a point will be found in this book.

If you are an Indian then you won't be bored at all because you can directly relate to it. If you are a non-indian then it's extra thrilling to you because I can't think of anyone else who would describe Idli and sambhar like Mr. Sankaran did. I feel amazed at such a beautiful description of things that are hard to explain.

Summary: I won't be a spoiler but here's why you should read it. If you are an Indian then nothing will be as relateable and that's included in past as well as in current day when it comes to our culture, parents and our childhood. This book doesn't dwell in past nor excites in future. It's everything from the past till date. So there's no seed unturned, every generation will relate to this. You will feel like you are wearing author's shoes even though you didn't walk in them.

I feel completely attached as I have been blessed to be a south Indian and Mumbaikar (Residents of Mumbai are called:) at the same time. He has the same story more or less. The places he visited, travelled flashed through my eyes as he penned down enriching words to describe that place because I have been there. (Except Kashmir and Zurich) Apart from that, his guru's , work ethics, code of life, his beliefs in Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans, baba nityananada, Ramana Maharashi, Kanchi and also prominence places like Arunachalam, Tiruvannamalai are an integral part of my life. This statement itself indicated the amount of connection and state of mind one's in.

At one point, it started feeling as if I received a book about my future because the past and the present fit perfectly! It's terrifying to receive your future book. Trust me! :D So this book walk's you through Mr. Sankaran's life while explaining specific details that will help you for self growth. You just need to have the passion for learning and developing yourself in a better way. There's no time to make all the mistakes and learnt, instead books are a treasure and a shortcut to skip those hard troubled times and to jump to a solution. It has all the possible real life situations one would face in his life time. Deal with it, roll with it and move with it. He made it reader centric so even though it was about his life, it didn't feel like one because of the life lessons that were taught!

Let alone reading this book, brought me into another dimension. I must be thankful for what's walking into my life and my courage to direct only positive thoughts. If you don't speak spiritual then you will definitely speak into one after reading this book. It's nothing related to religion or race! It's all about mind and the soul. Music makes everyone happy, love makes you dance, hunger makes you aggressive and pain makes you change. Similarly reading this book will take you to a new perspective though and soon you will start living a new life. Which will be more meaningful, far better and graceful. It's your choice to order this book here:
or not learn anything this year. You will be missing on this if you don't. Trust me! Once again, I'm honoured to read this book. Thank-You!

This weekend, pick up this book and heal yourself!

Which book do you want me to review next? Comment below.

Oct 3, 2017

5 Tips for ALL Leading Social Networking Sites [ Get your Business started in 1 Day Guide]

This is going to be very transparent and straight to the point. I give you heads up that, this post is going to be long so you can bookmark it and come back later to read it or just read along if you are really into getting a brand identity and exposure. Before that I am happy to inform you guys that my new company (Internet Marketing Agency with Cyber Security Solutions) has been successfully launched and it's doing great already. I think it;s because I already had my contacts and branding. Woo this can be a great live example (trust me didn't think of it before writing this post). I have a website since way long and I have my personal branding done.

It's basically 7+ years. So I have used all social sites and analysed what works best for me. If you could use all then that's better but I just use tools and stuff to stay active on least preferred and I manually post from A-Z when it comes to my most preferred sites because I want to throw in some personal touch to it. Coming back to the point, I already have a brand that's build up from scratch so starting my 3rd or 4th company from scratch won't be an issue. For instance, it's hardly couple of days and I already got 1000 followers on IG just because I told my friends on main account that there's my new business go follow it if you are interested. Boom! As simple as that.

So, to build that rapo you need to know these 5 tips on each of the leading platforms that I am going to discuss with you today. I have reached entire internet and there is no article that has a cumulative one piece (more like an ultimate guide I should say) which lists out everything you need to know about any social site. After reading this, put it into practise. If you already have social accounts then modify it according to the suggested tips. If not, then make an account and go for it. Make the most out of this FREE guide built just for my audience. And if you would like to thank me then share it with your friends. That would be enough.

Google+ for Business

1) Google+ Hovercard for embedding

You must have come across that G+ profile banner especially on Blogger (because it is integrated) or added one onto your site. Every marketer wants to grow their business on Google+ thinking that Google will favour the news and articles that hit on G+ first and then offering other sites. I should kinda admit that, although their might be potential customers to your business but that will be rare. But on the other hand consider it like LinkedIn because the people you network here with will be gold.

Unfortunately, many of them are getting overwhelmed trying to keep their Google+ stream filled with fresh content in the hopes this will attract +1’s, reshares and new connections. Trust me that's not how G+ works. They are making one big mistake. The most effective way to grow your audience on G+ focus on commenting.When you scroll over any other users name a hover card will appear. Enter relevant terms in the search bar. The results will return G+ users, collections, public posts, communities etc. Add them to your circle right from there and start engaging. Add valuable comments to the public posts.

The Key is not about you finding people but making people find you. From your comments in these locations, users can simply hover over you name and add you to their circles.

2) Schedule Posts:

When you find great content you want to share, it doesn’t make sense to share it all at once. Instead it’s better to add it to a queue and share at an appropriate time. There's a Chrome plugin( Not gonna name any particular one since I don't endorse products) which is free. That allows you to share content at a time that suits your audience.

But the only limitation about Google is that you need to have your Chrome browser open at the time you have scheduled the content to be delivered. This is not a bad thing or else there would be N-Number of bots on Google too.

3. Disable Comments to Increase Engagement:

When someone has comments on a post, they will receive a notification each time someone comments on it. Using this method you can have ‘the last word’ on your comment threads. That is one of the beauty about G+, you have a lot of control as of who you engage with you. After having the last work, simply click on the upper right of one of your posts and ‘disable comments’.

There is an example by martin: He called it a deal and the rest, who would like to know more, will have to reach out to him so again you get a good following. Mention why you have closed off comments. Ask them to redirect to your desired location.

4. Show-casing Image

I know this is not Instagram but images speak up for a lot, on any social site. So having the right dimension for different platforms in necessary. Don’t be lazy as many of them do as newbies, allowing G+ to grab an image from the link you’re sharing.

Instead, go an extra mile and design your own in couple of minutes. Remember that personal touch? The most popular dimension on G+ is tall and skinny images that are attractive. I would rather suggest you to create infographics too. Make the most out of charts on G+ skinny functionality. Everyone shares jokes, animated gifs,  quotes, etc.. but only a handful of people are turning statistics into images that are easy to digest.

5. Claim Authorship using G+ profile:

If you a content writer for various online blogs and publications, be sure to use your Google+ profile to claim authorship of each piece of content you write. Regardless of whether you own a website or not, sign up for Google Webmaster Tools using the same Google account as your G+ profile. This will allow you to see analytics data for the posts linked to your G+ profile, including impressions in search, CTR etc.

Since you generally don’t  get analytics data for the content you write on sites other than your own, this can give you a little insight on the popularity of your content in search.


These are directly inserted from my famous IG guide post that I published a week before.

1. Timing is everything matters:

Even with 200 million+ users, there are still popular times that more users are engaged with their account. Unfortunately, there is not a magical time to post, but many studies have shown that posting a picture between 9am and 9pm EST is likely to get the best results. I have analysed these results personally since 2011 and I have seen great... great results. The most users are typically engaging with their Instagram account from 3-4 EST. Doesn't matter which part of the world you are from. The timing should depend on your niche and targeted audience i.e. the country in this case.

Let's say I want to pitch a sports product to players in south Africa so it's bit obvious that I will build my brand around it but I will make sure that I post in peak times of south African timing standards. Same goes with India, United states and so on. Because it goes without saying that you don't expect people to be awake at 3AM waiting for your post just because your time zone is different and you post at your convenience. It's like either you caught their eye or you did not.

2. Share variety of content:

While your ultimate goal is to sell your product, don’t just post sales information. Users want to relate to you on their level, so use Instagram as a chance to give them a glimpse of what exactly your
company is, add a face to the people behind the brand. Interact with them.

If you can't personally revert back then hire someone. Don't stop yourself from showcasing what exactly your brand is about. Just dive! Check out my post below, that's one variation that I added out recently.

3. Hashtags!!:

What's IG without hashtags LOL. While it might seem strange, hashtags actually have a significant impact on the success of the content you post. Instagram is a tool to search and engage with new content that is interesting. Utilizing the hashtag allows you to connect with unconnected users. But #Don't #Do #This #Because #Its #Useful #Only #On #certain #Tags # Like : "#Picoftheday" so choose your hashtags wisely.

4. Post videos

The Instagram video function has become more popular than the video posting app, Vine. Not only are videos fun to post but they engage users. Not a fan of videos? well let me tell you that people engage more on videos than on photos. It doesn't have to be a epic production. It can be something like

- Give a tour of the office, snippets of an event you’re attending or a quick how-to. Oddly enough.

Hey, come say hi to me on Instagram. Let's talk about growing your business

5. Use Filters:

One of Instagram’s best features is that users can instantly turn a simple iPhone photo into a high quality piece of art with the handy editing tools, but choosing the right filter can increase or decrease the number of likes you receive. But don't hesitate use the best finish that you find.

People are drawn to photos with blue tints, over red or orange images and light photos are generally more popular than dark photos. The top 3 most effective filters are Normal or No Filter, Mayfair and Inkwell. But don't be afraid to post a no filter picture one a while. Sometimes simplicity is the key. Oh, make sure to add #NoFilter hashtag when you do ;) That's one of my no filter share...


According to stats, Facebook said around 88 million people in the U.S. spent approximately $14.3 billion with small businesses during the 2014 version of American Express. So it’s already up there. Here are 5 business tips to incorporate the social network into their efforts.

1. Try local Ads:

I wouldn’t have realized it’s potential unless and until I tested the power of FB Ads a month ago. It wasn’t my favorite platform to mark before that but the lovely insights and the targeting control makes it easy-peasy. And there are lot of benefits to it. I see that the engagement ratio has been boosted all by itself even though I stopped the AD. If needed setup the local business page or a page relevant to your category and make the most of it.

2. Use the right call-to-action buttons:

There’s only one place on your page where people really want to click through and that’s this call to action button. Use it as a lifeline to external site. Yep, there is a website site placement option in about section as well the linked posts that we make? But nothing is as efficient as this page buttion. Different options fit different businesses, so choose wisely when deciding between “Call Now,” “Send Message,” “Contact Us” or other available alternatives.

3. Set up a saved reply:

This basically comes under the message enabling system on page. I personally feel it’s definitely a plus point for businesses as well as customers. Go on to your messenger settings on the page that you are managing, select “Saved replies” and type in an appropriate message. This allows page administrators to more easily deal with high volumes of messages by creating templates for frequently asked questions. Welcome to the world of automation Haha

4. Monitor stats and insights: 

Remember the test AD, that we run? Well, you are not going to leave it as it is. Take a step further and have a look at the report that’s automatically generated. See when were the most clicks, which type of AD Works great for you. Take a deep look into local insights which provides access to aggregate demographics and trends associated with nearby users, even allowing business owners to zero in on the optimal times of day to reach potential customers.

5. Turn on page messaging:

As I mentioned before, speed is the key to digital media. More the spontaneous reply, better will be your chances of bagging a client. Page messaging allows small businesses to concisely answer questions about their offering or special events in general.


Update on this article for 7 more platforms coming in 3 hours from the time you read this. So save this article.

Sep 26, 2017

Art of Professionalism is a MUST II How to be an Entrepreneur? Lesson 2

" Professionalism in art has this difficulty: To be professional is to be dependable, to be dependable is to be predictable, and predictability is esthetically boring - an anti-virtue in a field where we hope to be astonished and startled and at some deep level refreshed." - John Updike
Professionalism - "he competence or skill expected of a professional" as defined by merriam-webster . How professional are you on the scale of 1 to 10? Rate yourself honestly depending on these following question... Is this some kind of survey? or do you feel like it's not important to you? Well, before you go ahead with the questionnaire I would rather ask you this set of questions:

Blog Banner for Art of Professionalism II How to be an Entrepreneur? By Alex O' Connor
  1. Are you an aspiring businessman?
  2. Are you an Entrepreneur?
  3. Are you currently employed?
  4. What's your designation?
are you a homemaker? Well even then you need to be "professional". Let me break this down for you with an example:

Scene 1: Tanner is a good businessman and Morphy is his reliable client. One day morphy comes up with a disappointed performance report submitted by tanner's employ. Tanner brush off the accusations without proper analysis or depth of understanding. Morphy asks for a revision because this was his first bad experience. Tanner accepts it and forwards the work for revision.
Morphy receives a revised report but he is not satisfied by the revisions. Morphy reaches out to tanner again but tanner fails to satisfy his customer and is arrogant about his believe system of his company. Tanner loses a potential and reliable client.
Scene 2: Tanner is a good businessman and Morphy is his reliable client. One day morphy comes up with a disappointed performance report submitted by tanner's employ. Tanner analysis the report and assure's him for the revision. Tanner hands over the work to the employ and asks him to send him the revised copy to him(tanner) first and then to morphy, once approved. (This can be optional but why not?)


It does reflect that your behaviour is proportional to the growth of your business/employment. If you are rude, unprofessional there are chances that you will lose a very potential client and often they leave a bad review which in-return will damage your reputation. So the best way is to leave a good mark and bring value to customers FIRST. Personally I have seen that small business owners tend to do everything by themselves right from product creation to marketing to building up public relation to customer support. You may not realise it but as per a case study, it's found that once you are through those 3 steps, you no longer are patient when it comes to customer support. Often it's recommended to hire a virtual assistant. Because they got one job to do. Customers want to hear a positive response.
But there comes a time when you just want to prove it that your business is the best or you have the best team for so and so job. So you misjudge and end up with wrong calculations. That's called the limitation of professionalism. Few of the things which you should not do are: Eg. As an author, Blogger.....

  • Cheating and plagiarism : Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty where an individual presents the work of another as his or her own.
  • Multiple submissions: Multiple submission is the re-submission, without prior permission by the owner of any work that you have used in identical or similar form.
  • Circumventing the learning process
  • Confidentiality : That certain information you acquire is not to be shared with others. It is a fundamental principle of professional behaviour that confidentiality be fully and carefully respected.
  • Conflict of interest and bias: A conflict of interest is a real or seeming incompatibility between one’s private and one’s professional interests. Bias exists when an individual has a predetermined opinion or prejudice affects his or her ability to make a clear and objective decision or assessment. A professional does not allow personal bias to influence his or her work or declines from a decision or assessment where bias might exist.
  • Harassment
and more.


Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics difference from organisation to organisation but the principal remains the same throughout any discipline. It is not just confined to business owners but to employs itself. If you fail to misinterpret these concepts then it's better to hire someone or else you might lose your business. Remember when an electronic brand service centre didn't provide you with a positive response? It was more likely that you never bought anything from them ever again. When that's applicable to leading brands then your services might not be a question to ask for. So here are few fundamental principals that you can improvise on:
  1. Respect for others: Courtesy and respect for others are fundamental elements of professional behaviour. That also includes not taking up credit for the work that's not done by you. We come across such situations in group projects.
  2. Commitment to quality: A professional aims for the highest possible standard of performance and endeavours to produce work in which he or she can take true pride. Before delivering the task ask yourself how much will you rate for the quality that you have produced? anything below 8 is tarnished.
  3. Responsibility: A professional takes responsibility for his or her own task/designation. It's not appropriate to throw the blame on others,
  4. Personal integrity: Professionalism is reflected by the extent to which others can rely upon you. A professional can be counted on to follow through on commitments, avoid conflicts of interest and bias, and adhere to the rules.
  5. Emotional quote: Don't let your emotions guide you. Be realistic and professional.

I hope you got to learn few things in here or may be you found yourself in situations that I used as examples. But the key point is to balance a great product/service along with a professional out-look and competence. At any point if you fail to please the client with a quality less work then there are huge chances that you might get saved for once by being professional and taking up the responsibility.