Sep 16, 2017

How to Find Your Own Blog Niche in 2017 [Guide]

One of the worst things to decide while embarking on an online journey is to stick to one niche. I have had major issues for more than 4 years. This is my personal experience so I hope you learn from it too. But before we dive into my story and this guide. “What is a niche in internet marketing?” Well I’m here to explain what a niche is, and the importance of one. Without understanding the concept; you could possibly make or break your business.
A niche, or niche market, is a specialised sub category, you could say, of a market. For example, Baseball is a niche. A very broad niche that is. So, you would sub categorise it into smaller less competitive niches. New York Yankee Baseball Players would be a niche market.
" Identify your niche and dominate it. And when I say dominate, I just mean work harder than anyone else could possibly work at it."- Nate Parker
You are basically taking a broad topic, and subsidising it into smaller topics. Anyone looking to build an online business needs to understand the importance of what a niche is. Not being cautious, when choosing a niche, can be devastating to your business. It wasn't devastating to me but I am sure I would have had more following comparatively. Before we hope into it further thanx to work from home tools guy and I can build a blog girl.

The Importance Of A Niche

You know the saying,”Try to please everyone, and you will please no one.” Well that’s kind of how this story goes. When you create a business, you need to satisfy the needs of a small specific group of people, instead of the needs of the whole. You can’t expect to satisfy everyone. The world isn’t perfect like that. So instead, you satisfy the few. The more narrow you make your niche; the stronger your business will grow.Instead of just being a jack of all trades, and not being great at all of them, you will have just one trade to sharpen your skills on. This is how you will become the expert of your niche. As well as, this is how visitors will speak more highly of your business.

You are meeting their needs, and solving problems so they will tell their friends with those specific needs to go to you. In turn this attracts more business. More business means more money for you. Remember though, just because you started really specific, does not mean you can’t expand more broad after. Learn about your niche, become an expert, beat up on the low competition, and then challenge the more broad, more competitive niche. I always knew how important it was to have a niche but as a multi-content creator it's difficult to manage several niche sites, accounts and social belongings all together without a virtual assistant. I don't like out-sourcing the work so I create my own extra-ordinary content. And that's an exception. Another example would be Gary vee, Alex Becker Etc. They are know for their IM success but they don't own a specific dedicated website just for IM. It's more like a news portal.

Problems People Run Into When Choosing A Niche

For any newbie joining the game, There are always thoughts running throughout their head. If you are a newbie yourself; think about your own thoughts for a second. You are trying to find a niche, but not sure what to pick. You of course, in the sense of building a business, want to actually make money with whatever niche you decide to choose. Am I right? even if I’m wrong, most people would agree with at least part of what I’m saying. Here’s just a few issues a lot of people run into:
You don’t want to exclude anyone; You want to help everyone.You may think that building on a narrow niche is going to earn you less money. Maybe your just scared of making money. Maybe you’re scared of success.

What you need to know is this; Focusing on a more narrow niche will actually allow you to help more people. Why? It goes back to what I said earlier. Try to please everyone, and you will please no one. Let’s say you deal with healing herbs. More specifically, you know all about different herbs to help heal arthritis. When people find your website, they will know that you are an expert in this. When those people go to a friends house that is looking for natural ways to heal their arthritis. The friend will mention your website. They’ll talk abut how informative it is, and how it might help them. Thus you are gaining more business because of your expertise.

Now back track a little bit. Pretend, instead of just arthritis, you’re going to talk about all the different pains and illnesses herbs can cure. Now you aren’t an expert. You just know a little bit of information about everything. Now you aren’t satisfying anybodies needs. Do you see the difference?

What People See When You Are More Specific..

There are many key essentials to niche marketing. It’s very important to take some time, but not a whole year, to figure what your niche should be. When you narrow things down, people feel like they are important. Why? because you put a focus on them, instead of the general population. They feel you can relate to them better, and trust you more because
of it. These are the biggest reasons why you should focus on a narrow niche:
It’s a lot more profitable to choose a narrow niche. Less competition means more customers to you. You are choosing a group you fully comprehend and know exactly how to meet their needs.
You are going to have a bigger increase in the amount of referrals that you receive. People know what your speciality is. When their friends start asking questions; people will know exactly which direction to point them in. Here is a cool representation of a niche breakdown:

You will be considered the expert in your niche. You never know; this could lead to bigger and better business ventures with others. Who doesn’t follow the advice of an expert? Like I said; start narrow and expand out into a more broad niche, once you get established. This is the best way to have a profitable website in a shorter amount of time. If you are doing baseball bats as a niche; explain everything possible about baseball bats.
After, you could consider talking about baseball gloves on your website next. Then baseball helmets. eventually as you are become more of an authority your website will be a able to compete with a more broad niche like baseball. I don't want to just blabber without any reasonable use so here is:

A list of 95 evergreen niche:

1. Weight Loss
It  is one of the biggest and most popular.

2. Muscle BuildingWorks best to monetize affiliate sites.

3. Dog Training

4. Online IncomeIt is most searched online niche, and

Sep 14, 2017

7 Rocking Ways To Make Your Blog Better in 2017

Make your blog piece as "WOW." Being a blogger, we all want to make our online blogs the best they can be. We need to appear pleasant yet powerful. We want to make sure the content appeals to our visitors, that the design is attractive and the functionality is top notch.
" There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! "- Milton Glaser
 It’s easy to overlook things when we get so wrapped up in creating and tweaking elements so that they work well for us, but often times we forget about those new visitors. We forget about their navigation. We might be aware of our own site and its functionalities because we created it, we edited it and we got that idea of presentation in our mind but they necessarily need not receive it as it is. So it has to be straight to the point.

Here are 7 rocking ways to make your blog stand out. Implement these 7 ways to design your blog. Implement them today and see positive results.

1. Take some time to learn

If you have a niche blog then surely you must be an expertise in that field but are you the best in the market?! Sure, you could just sit back and publish posts every day or simply hire a virtual assistant, but taking the time to learn more about blogging and technical aspects in particular can you places. You’re already reading this article, so I assume that you are eager to learn more about blogging. Look there is going to be a technical aspect to everything that you do online and you cannot escape from it. Personally saying programming is not at all tough or a rocket science. 
Let me further tell you that if you are using blogger all you need to know is HTML and CSS. They will help you design your own website with ease, they are the easiest programmings languages to learn. Even if you don't learn and follow the tutorials on my blog or through others you can tell what that piece of code does. If you are using WordPress then I suggest you not to mess with the PHP code unless you know what you are doing. There is no going back easily. But for design you need to know who you are authorising to. 
If you ever come across a question, a glitch, or a feature you’d like to implement, take some time to actually research the answer instead of looking for an easy solution or relying on someone else for help. Hands on trial and error is one of the best ways to learn a new skill.

2. Create a clutter free space

First impression is the best impression, remember? With an abundance of widgets and features available at your fingertips, a great layout can easily become cluttered with too much “stuff”.  Remember how annoying it was to you when all the unnecessary Ads, banners, pop ups and what not all showed up when you were surfing. But you were so annoyed that you decided to leave that site just even if the information was most valuable. There are some minimal sites out there where you just close all the distractions first and then carry on reading your content. That's little better but before you add any additional gadgets, ask yourself if it will benefit your blog or your visitor’s experience in any way. If it won’t, forget about it!

Not to forget the integration part, it leaves a back door to hackers when it comes to security. You might be aware of it if you have any knowledge about cyber security. Also, integrating different widgets and features increases up the load time, so your visitor might leave the site before it's fully loaded. So don't damp your place as a bin.

3.Create your posting schedule

Make a schedule for yourself. If you are blogging 24x7 then who will focus on the earning part. You won't be earning just by the Ads right? If you are not aware of those 7 alternative ways to earn money via blog then you are doing it wrong. So as you need to focus on your alternative setup and creations like designing your store or E-book or other products. So you don’t need to be posting new content every single day, especially if you are a solo blogger. In fact, you really should be following the 80/20 rule and creating content 20% of the time, while promoting it 80% of the time.

Create your own posting schedule and decide when you will publish new content, whether it be once or twice a week. Pick up a date and be regular on it. Also, it would be great if you can pick up a certain time each day. Fill the vacant days with promotion strategies to get that content in front of more eyeballs.


4. Focus on specific topics

Not everyone needs to have a niche blog, but if you try to focus on certain topics, you’ll find that you’ll be attracting more people. When it comes to me, I am tired of finding my niche over years hahaha but that doesn't stop me. Because it confides me to 1 area of interest while I can create multi-content so why stop. But I am passionate about what I do, so there is not stopping in the middle nor looking back.

It really comes down to what you want your blog to be about. From there, you can decide which areas you will cover frequently. In doing this, you’ll find that a lot of

Sep 13, 2017

7 Alternative Ways to Earn from Your Blog in 2017 [ Adsense Excluded]

Agree or not we always wanted to earn by Blogging. It was every teen's dream, especially with having so many references in movies about : How a blog goes viral and that teen becomes famous all of a sudden. This is not just limited to teenagers but to every age group present out there. But with so much competition out there, instant fame is kinda optional but there comes a time when you may want to start making money from your blog. Or perhaps you’re starting a blog with the intention of creating an income from it. Whatever the case, blogging has grown to be a hugely profitable business over the past few years and it’s only natural to want a slice of the pie. But I was asked a lot about how someone can earn from their blog other than placing Ads via Adsense? Not to forget the new rule of 2017 for newbies getting accepted into the Adsense program only if they are eligible. (Eligibility criteria of having atleast 10000 lifetime views)

I am not going to sugar-coat things: making a decent income from your blog takes a lot of time and work. It may take 6 months, 2 years or 4, who knows. It all depends on your niche and content creation. I am not saying it will take so long but it doesn’t happen overnight. So be mentally prepared for the best and the worst before starting out.

Before monetizing (term used for making money through methods) your blog, you should always work on creating great free content to help build trust. You will have to give it to the existing community out there before taking it in. Add some value to your desired audience and then map out an overall income strategy. Start to think of your blog as not just a hobby, but a business… because once you start earning money from your blog, you are no longer a hobby blogger, you are operating a small business which turns out as a large business. (If you come up with ideas)

Why would you make money overnight?: Because you have to first work on building trust with your audience and allow them to grasp your knowledge. Are you copy other blogs? quick that. I would rather suggest you to grab the ideas. It's important to look at what successful bloggers are doing out there. Take some ideas and follow the pattern but keep it unique. Building trust is SO important if you plan on selling to visitors and subscribers. Think about it, who are you more likely to purchase from or click on an affiliate link that was recommended to you? Somebody you’ve just come across or somebody whose knowledge you’ve grown to trust? You might buy some goods from a real street store that's new but you won't just buy from a new site that you just came across. So build your brand with trusted audience.


Having said that, here are some of the most lucrative ways to start earning money from your blog, and they don’t involve setting up CPC ads (keep reading for that): I listed down these working methods even in 2017 so start building up now:

1. Relate-able Digital Goods

Selling digital goods is like the holy grail of blog monetization. Everywhere you look or wherever you land, there are bloggers selling downloadable content livestock photography, templates, graphics, software, and the list goes on. The reason is because it works! It works every single time. But ONLY if you are offering something of value and relateable to them.

Based on your free blog content and the type of posts you create, you can try to come up with a product that connects with your audience and then advertise that product on your blog. For example, You can't expect Adidas to sell notebooks. Because that's not there area of expertise, moreover you would even visit their site because they are know for their sport shoes.

2. Sell Physical Goods

Physical goods require more effort than digital and downloadable goods because that's not easy. As I said before, I won't sugar coat but I will not discourage you because if you have that desire to learn and progress. Noone can stop you on that. There are ample amount of courses out there where you can learn and then you can implement it. May be even master it in no time. If you don't have a dime then there are always incredible free courses, you just need to search for them.

You can make E-Commerce store or just your personal store. Frankly speaking, it's not difficult. Creating a shop that ties in with your overall blog theme and content is good practice and can be advertised on your blog to drive sales. Showcasing your physical products in blog posts regularly can also help improve awareness.
Physical goods can include things like:
  • Clothing
  • Art
  • Electronics
  • Handmade goods
  • Equipment or supplies
  • Food
catch more eye-balls by sharing your behind-the-scenes process, or offering advice within your posts that can be linked to your own products in a relate-able way. 

3. Education aka Learning

Once you’ve built up trust and have consistently shared your expertise on a subject with your audience, try looking into education products to earn some cash. The cash flow is fabulous in the education sector and there's not stop to it.

But make sure you are skilled enough or else you are about to ruin your money and time which is fine but you are gonna build up some damaged relations with clients. And

Top 5 Instagram tips for businesses in 2017 [Bonus Inside ]

     Presenting top 5 Instagram tips for your business in 2017. Get more conversions through engagement with these simple yet successful tips and tricks. Who got Instagram? Oops, I should rather ask - "Who doesn't have a Instagram these days?" We take pictures of our family and friends, scenery, especially our food, pets and don’t forget all the selfies! (Personally I feel like selfies don't rule most of the niche placed in Instagram. While documenting our lives is a great way to store memories, it’s also a solid way to gain new followers and likes on everyone’s favourite photo sharing app, Instagram(IG). So what's in for business with IG? I will break it down with some statistics of why it's more than friendly to use Instagram for you business. More over I will list out 5 tips to improvise your brand business on Instagram in 2017. And there are 5 extra tips that I will add on just because you decided to have faith in us. So a total of 10 tricks? Wait, why not surprise you even further....pssst...we got another extra 5 hidden secrets for you ;) read on!

Many companies focus mainly with marketing their products to teens and college students since they immediately fast forward your commercials and delete your emails. Not only that,  Instagram is reaching a demographic that is generally very hard to market to. Since launch till date Instagram has gained over 600 million users. Following demographics of those users are:

  • 24.6% of fortune 500 companies have an account
  • 50% of users use an iPhone and 50% use Android
  • 60 million photos are uploaded per day
  • 68% of users are female and 32% are male
  • 90% of the 200 million users are under the age of 35
  • 1.6 billion likes occur every day

So, if your company already has an Instagram account and if it doesn't then I highly recommend you to make one, keep in mind while sharing your content. Here are

The top 5 tips for businesses

1. Timing is everything matters:
Even with 200 million+ users, there are still popular times that more users are engaged with their account. Unfortunately, there is not a magical time to post, but many studies have shown that posting a picture between 9am and 9pm EST is likely to get the best results. I have analysed these results personally since 2011 and I have seen great... great results. The most users are typically engaging with their Instagram account from
3-4 EST. Doesn't matter which part of the world you are from. The timing should depend on your niche and targeted audience i.e. the country in this case.
Let's say I want to pitch a sports product to players in south Africa so it's bit obvious that I will build my brand around it but I will make sure that I post in peak times of south African timing standards. Same goes with India, United states and so on. Because it goes without saying that you don't expect people to be awake at 3AM waiting for your post just because your time zone is different and you post at your convenience. It's like either you caught their eye or you did not.


2. Share variety of content:
While your ultimate goal is to sell your product, don’t just post sales information. Users want to relate to you on their level, so use Instagram as a chance to give them a glimpse of what exactly your
company is, put a face to the people behind the brand. Interact with them. If you can't personally revert back then hire someone. Don't stop yourself from showcasing what exactly your brand is about. Just dive! Check out my post below, that's one variation that I added out recently-

3. Hashtags!!:
What's IG without hashtags LOL. While it might seem strange, hashtags actually have a significant impact on the success of the content you post. Instagram is a tool to search and engage with new content that is interesting. Utilizing the hashtag allows you to connect with unconnected users. But #Don't #Do #This #Because #Its #Useful #Only #On #certain #Tags # Like : "#Picoftheday" so choose your hashtags wisely.

4. Post videos
The Instagram video function has become more popular than the video posting app, Vine. Not only are videos fun to post but they engage users. Not a fan of videos? well let me tell you that people engage more on videos than on photos. It doesn't have to be a epic production. It can be something like

Sep 3, 2017

Awareness II Motivational Chamber Gem 1

Personally I am not a fan of old quotes which provide no meaning to the current changing times unless it's all about history repeating itself with the same case scenario. So I  was listening to some of Tai's talks and although he talks a lot and repeats everything a lot, today I became aware of the reasons. More over this quote that I just mentioned was said to him by one of his mentors during his real life moment. It completely captivated my brain and the way he backs up the thoughts associated with it, it's crystal clear that the thinking level of successful people is really different.
" There's a time to stop and smell roses but that time isn't now"
So we are going to talk about awareness today. To me it was just a word as an average person but WAIT! There's lot , lot more to it. Even at this instant you took the word 'awareness' casually as if reading a newspaper or novel. It show's how attentive you are but not how aware you are. Back to the point - you need to be aware of your surrounding, situation, the life that you brought on to yourself and current status of your life.

Let's make one thing really clear, you are how you are today because of what you chose and acted upon in life. It is not anyone's blessing or fault that you are in a fantastic moment or in trauma. This very sentence was said to me by one of my friend which I just said to your guys as well. She is epic but when she used to say that, it never made any sense to me because it was never relate-able to me in any way what-so-ever. So it was really annoying to get an advice which doesn't do any good. More over it felt like it was making the situation worse and it used to haha, she has a really bad way of getting her word across LOL. 
So just for you to imagine and understand this statement better I would like to take this example of Warren Buffet (If you don't know him then Google it buddy, you are not aware of the world. That's bad ;) )  In one of his TED talks he was asked by a student that - "How do you find motivation to do things?(productive) How do you define life?" so he cross questioned him - "Going back to your high school. Let's say there was a genie who would grant you one wish to choose one person from your class except you. And you would receive 10% of his lifetime income so if he earns 100 billions in a lifetime you get 10 billion there itself. If he earns nothing then you get 10% of nothing so who would you choose?"

May 13, 2017

What is Ransomware? How do I unlock, protect myself: Global Cyber Security Attack

Little did you know about Ransomware? what is it? How do I protect myself from it? How is it even getting installed on my computer or personal laptop? Am I able to recover my data ever? Is it true if I pay them ransom, they will unlock my files? But my files are already compromised aren't they? Why are they requesting Bitcoin? why not any other payment service! - HOLD on! This is your pit stop. Here is everything you need to know about Ransonware attack or the wannacry softwares does to your system!

 Also we happen to establish a key to unlock your files temporarily! Read on to know more

What Happened?! Ransomware

Hackers exploiting malicious software stolen from the National Security Agency(NSA) executed damaging cyber attacks on Friday(12th May 2017) that hit dozens of countries worldwide, forcing Britain’s public health system to send patients away, freezing computers at Russia’s Interior Ministry and wreaking havoc on tens of thousands of computers elsewhere. By late Friday the attacks had spread to more than 100 countries, according to security firms tracking the spread. Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cyber security firm, said Russia was the worst-hit, followed by Ukraine, India and Taiwan. Reports of attacks also came from Latin America and Africa.

The attacks amounted to an audacious global blackmail attempt spread by the internet and underscored the vulnerabilities of the digital age. Transmitted via email, the malicious software locked British hospitals out of their computer systems and demanded ransom before users could be let back in — with a threat that data would be destroyed if the demands were not met.  Workers at those hospitals, a Spanish telecommunications firm and elsewhere were confronted with a message on their monitors that read, “Ooops, your files have been encrypted!” and demanded $300 in Bitcoin, an anonymous digital currency preferred by criminals, to restore access.

Has anyone paid the ransom?

Security experts said those who had already fallen victim to ransomware on Friday may have little recourse. Jason Rebholz, a senior director at Crypsis Group, which specializes in ransomware, said victims could try to search the web for a decryption service, but chances are that in a sophisticated attack like this one, cyber-criminals had already taken steps to immunize their encryption from such services.

How big is the attack?

There have been reports of infections in 78 countries at first but its spreading quickly like an epidemic .So far the latest count is 110 countries, including the UK, US, China, Russia, Spain and Italy, India, Pakistan, South Africa. Cyber-security firm Avast said it had seen 75,000 cases of the ransomware - known as WannaCry and variants of that name - around the world. "This is huge," said Jakub Kroustek at Avast.

Many researchers say the incidents appear to be linked, but say it may not be a coordinated attack on specific targets. Meanwhile wallets for the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin that were seemingly associated with the ransomware were reported to have started filling up with cash.

How does the malware work?

Some security researchers have pointed out that the infections seem to be deployed via a worm - a program that spreads by itself between computers. This may be through the email attachment or your internet connection that is a part of public or organisation that you are already a part of.

Unlike many other malicious programs, this one has the ability to move around a network by itself. Most others rely on humans to spread by tricking them into clicking on an attachment harbouring the attack code. I have to agree that it is a one awesome piece of attack. Although it did harm the peace scenario yet an intelligent move.

By contrast, once WannaCry is inside an organisation it will hunt down vulnerable machines and infect them too. This perhaps explains why its impact is so public - because large numbers of machines at each victim organisation are being compromised.

Who has been affected?

The National Health Service (NHS) in England and Scotland appears to have been the worst hit and screenshots of the WannaCry program were shared by NHS staff. Hospitals and doctors' surgeries were forced to turn away patients and cancel appointments. One NHS worker told the BBC that patients would "almost certainly suffer" as a result. Some reports said Russia had seen more infections than any other single country. Russia's interior ministry said it had "localized the virus" following an "attack on personal computers using Windows operating system".

People tweeted photos of affected computers including a local railway ticket machine in Germany and a university computer lab in Italy. A number of Spanish firms - including telecoms giant Telefonica, power firm Iberdrola and utility provider Gas Natural - suffered from the outbreak. There were reports that staff at the firms were told to turn off their computers.
Portugal Telecom, delivery company FedEx, a Swedish local authority and Megafon, the second largest mobile phone network in Russia, also said they had been affected.

Temporary Cyber Hero: Just 10$ SAVED THE WORLD?!  

A UK-based cybersecurity researcher, tweeting as @MalwareTechBlog, said he had accidentally managed to temporarily halt the spread of the virus. He was quoted as saying that he noticed that the virus was searching for a web address that had not been registered. He bought the domain name for around $10 and found that by registering it, he triggered a "kill switch" that stopped the worm's spread. But, he warned it was likely to be only a temporary fix. "So long as the domain isn't removed, this particular strain will no longer cause harm, but patch your systems ASAP as they will try again," he tweeted.

Now you might be interested little tech, so how did he find out the web address of the domain that its been searching for. Everything is transparent in virtual world. Head over to url andt try to access any website. As you see on bottom left,it shows an access path that is trying to be reached or connected. If nothing helps then we have inspect elements right? developers;)

Why Bitcoin?

Duh! You are dumb enough to live in this world asking about that?! Oops that was harsh but Hey! Yo! Bitcoin rate boosted out 100 times it price. Bitcoin basically is virtual money. You receive/send via a hash which looks gibberish "iushdiuasuhdia7aw7d782" But it actually is a code that cannot be decoded no matter what. Later this bitcoin can be cashed in ;) 
You won't be able to track the person or the money once it is gone. Only thing you can check out is the amount that has been sent.

Once your money is gone off bitcoin then its gone forever. There is no charge back or refunds.

Who is behind the attack?

Some experts say the attack may be have been built to exploit a weakness in Microsoft systems that was identified by the NSA and given the name EternalBlue. The NSA tools were then stolen by a group of hackers known as The Shadow Brokers, who then attempted to sell the encrypted cache in an online auction.

However they subsequently made the tools freely available, releasing a password for the encryption on 8 April. The hackers said they had published the password as a "protest" about US President Donald Trump.
At the time, some cyber-security experts said some of the malware was real, but old. A patch for the vulnerability was released by Microsoft in March, but many systems may not have had the update installed.

Microsoft said on Friday its engineers had added detection and protection against the malware. The company was providing assistance to customers, it added.


Solution to this attack?

We are a cyber security certified v8. We happen to have a solution Key that would work upto18000 computer/laptops. If you happen to have been infected by this - then sign up for the newsletter now! We will inbox you the code, as we don't want hackers to fix those keys.

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May 1, 2017

Only Hindi version of "Baby Baby-Justin Beiber" cover on WEB

ONLY Original Hindi live version of #JustinBieber Baby Baby song!
Danced crazy in here:D That happens when you are in sync with JB