May 13, 2017

What is Ransomware? How do I unlock, protect myself: Global Cyber Security Attack

Little did you know about Ransomware? what is it? How do I protect myself from it? How is it even getting installed on my computer or personal laptop? Am I able to recover my data ever? Is it true if I pay them ransom, they will unlock my files? But my files are already compromised aren't they? Why are they requesting Bitcoin? why not any other payment service! - HOLD on! This is your pit stop. Here is everything you need to know about Ransonware attack or the wannacry softwares does to your system!

 Also we happen to establish a key to unlock your files temporarily! Read on to know more

What Happened?! Ransomware

Hackers exploiting malicious software stolen from the National Security Agency(NSA) executed damaging cyber attacks on Friday(12th May 2017) that hit dozens of countries worldwide, forcing Britain’s public health system to send patients away, freezing computers at Russia’s Interior Ministry and wreaking havoc on tens of thousands of computers elsewhere. By late Friday the attacks had spread to more than 100 countries, according to security firms tracking the spread. Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cyber security firm, said Russia was the worst-hit, followed by Ukraine, India and Taiwan. Reports of attacks also came from Latin America and Africa.

The attacks amounted to an audacious global blackmail attempt spread by the internet and underscored the vulnerabilities of the digital age. Transmitted via email, the malicious software locked British hospitals out of their computer systems and demanded ransom before users could be let back in — with a threat that data would be destroyed if the demands were not met.  Workers at those hospitals, a Spanish telecommunications firm and elsewhere were confronted with a message on their monitors that read, “Ooops, your files have been encrypted!” and demanded $300 in Bitcoin, an anonymous digital currency preferred by criminals, to restore access.

Has anyone paid the ransom?

Security experts said those who had already fallen victim to ransomware on Friday may have little recourse. Jason Rebholz, a senior director at Crypsis Group, which specializes in ransomware, said victims could try to search the web for a decryption service, but chances are that in a sophisticated attack like this one, cyber-criminals had already taken steps to immunize their encryption from such services.

How big is the attack?

There have been reports of infections in 78 countries at first but its spreading quickly like an epidemic .So far the latest count is 110 countries, including the UK, US, China, Russia, Spain and Italy, India, Pakistan, South Africa. Cyber-security firm Avast said it had seen 75,000 cases of the ransomware - known as WannaCry and variants of that name - around the world. "This is huge," said Jakub Kroustek at Avast.

Many researchers say the incidents appear to be linked, but say it may not be a coordinated attack on specific targets. Meanwhile wallets for the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin that were seemingly associated with the ransomware were reported to have started filling up with cash.

How does the malware work?

Some security researchers have pointed out that the infections seem to be deployed via a worm - a program that spreads by itself between computers. This may be through the email attachment or your internet connection that is a part of public or organisation that you are already a part of.

Unlike many other malicious programs, this one has the ability to move around a network by itself. Most others rely on humans to spread by tricking them into clicking on an attachment harbouring the attack code. I have to agree that it is a one awesome piece of attack. Although it did harm the peace scenario yet an intelligent move.

By contrast, once WannaCry is inside an organisation it will hunt down vulnerable machines and infect them too. This perhaps explains why its impact is so public - because large numbers of machines at each victim organisation are being compromised.

Who has been affected?

The National Health Service (NHS) in England and Scotland appears to have been the worst hit and screenshots of the WannaCry program were shared by NHS staff. Hospitals and doctors' surgeries were forced to turn away patients and cancel appointments. One NHS worker told the BBC that patients would "almost certainly suffer" as a result. Some reports said Russia had seen more infections than any other single country. Russia's interior ministry said it had "localized the virus" following an "attack on personal computers using Windows operating system".

People tweeted photos of affected computers including a local railway ticket machine in Germany and a university computer lab in Italy. A number of Spanish firms - including telecoms giant Telefonica, power firm Iberdrola and utility provider Gas Natural - suffered from the outbreak. There were reports that staff at the firms were told to turn off their computers.
Portugal Telecom, delivery company FedEx, a Swedish local authority and Megafon, the second largest mobile phone network in Russia, also said they had been affected.

Temporary Cyber Hero: Just 10$ SAVED THE WORLD?!  

A UK-based cybersecurity researcher, tweeting as @MalwareTechBlog, said he had accidentally managed to temporarily halt the spread of the virus. He was quoted as saying that he noticed that the virus was searching for a web address that had not been registered. He bought the domain name for around $10 and found that by registering it, he triggered a "kill switch" that stopped the worm's spread. But, he warned it was likely to be only a temporary fix. "So long as the domain isn't removed, this particular strain will no longer cause harm, but patch your systems ASAP as they will try again," he tweeted.

Now you might be interested little tech, so how did he find out the web address of the domain that its been searching for. Everything is transparent in virtual world. Head over to url andt try to access any website. As you see on bottom left,it shows an access path that is trying to be reached or connected. If nothing helps then we have inspect elements right? developers;)

Why Bitcoin?

Duh! You are dumb enough to live in this world asking about that?! Oops that was harsh but Hey! Yo! Bitcoin rate boosted out 100 times it price. Bitcoin basically is virtual money. You receive/send via a hash which looks gibberish "iushdiuasuhdia7aw7d782" But it actually is a code that cannot be decoded no matter what. Later this bitcoin can be cashed in ;) 
You won't be able to track the person or the money once it is gone. Only thing you can check out is the amount that has been sent.

Once your money is gone off bitcoin then its gone forever. There is no charge back or refunds.

Who is behind the attack?

Some experts say the attack may be have been built to exploit a weakness in Microsoft systems that was identified by the NSA and given the name EternalBlue. The NSA tools were then stolen by a group of hackers known as The Shadow Brokers, who then attempted to sell the encrypted cache in an online auction.

However they subsequently made the tools freely available, releasing a password for the encryption on 8 April. The hackers said they had published the password as a "protest" about US President Donald Trump.
At the time, some cyber-security experts said some of the malware was real, but old. A patch for the vulnerability was released by Microsoft in March, but many systems may not have had the update installed.

Microsoft said on Friday its engineers had added detection and protection against the malware. The company was providing assistance to customers, it added.


Solution to this attack?

We are a cyber security certified v8. We happen to have a solution Key that would work upto18000 computer/laptops. If you happen to have been infected by this - then sign up for the newsletter now! We will inbox you the code, as we don't want hackers to fix those keys.

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May 1, 2017

Only Hindi version of "Baby Baby-Justin Beiber" cover on WEB

ONLY Original Hindi live version of #JustinBieber Baby Baby song!
Danced crazy in here:D That happens when you are in sync with JB

Apr 3, 2017

Another YouTube video goes viral..Voilaaa!!

*Cough Cough* Well this post was not supposed to start this way but HEYYY! Today was really surprising, uploaded 3 videos. And published one out of them at 3:46AM before going to bed. Then I woke up to these amazing numbers 9,300Views. I did post that video on Facebook before bed.(That's not the secret ;p haha) so wake up and hustle guys.

I came home and saw my post go viral where I mentioned about my video going viral LOL okay, okay that is kinda confusing to you. Then another video gets ranked and its just a pretty blow of views coming to channel with all the lovely comments :) Gotta love the #YouTubeLife

Check out the above viral video. It is a solution to the world's easiest rubik's cube called the snake cube. Step by step tutorial. There was a funny video made with the snake cube you can check that out too. The link to it is on the VIDEO'S DESCRIPTION.

Mar 24, 2017

Revealing one of my list from #30DaysPositivityChallenge

Hey fellas,
Today, I am going to show you one of the list that I wrote for #30DaysPositivityChallenge . If you don't know what that is, you can check out the above video or this post.
It is kinda strange/weird/embarrassing or whatever to share it out in public but why not? #BePositive #SpreadLove

30 things that I love wrote on 11th march 2017:

  1. I love being grateful
  2. I love exploring
  3. I love seeing people happy
  4. I love waking up early mornings
  5. I love being morning person
  6. I love being productive
  7. I love being cool
  8. I love sound of hangouts
  9. I love being lucky
  10. I love being blessed
  11. I love drinking water
  12. I love Today's climate
  13. I love Gifts
  14. I love coconut water
  15. I love vlogging
  16. I love being Digital Nomad
  17. I love roller coaster
  18. I love fun fairs
  19. I love smell of wet mud
  20. I love summer
  21. I love tasting new food
  22. I love Good Vibes
  23. I love cone ice-creams
  24. I love physical exercise
  25. I love watching movies
  26.  I love birds
  27. I love to dance
  28. I love parkour
  29. I love wrist watches
  30. I love gadgets

Hahah so that's it. A little sneek-peek into my journal :p Go away now! LOL
This challenge has been really helpful to me so far and I am still in middle of it. Let me know how far have you come? or may be share your list ;) I would like to see hehehe

Mar 20, 2017

Where to invest your initial earnings?Explained - Entrepreneur/Freelancer Tips 1

Where to invest your initial earnings?Explained - Entrepreneur/Freelancer Tips 1
Image credit to maxresdefault
Hey Entrepreneurs,

I started this new series/label “Entrepreneur Tips” because with the increasing number of questions I come across is repetitive and enormous so I decided to start this blog series where I will teach and share with you guys my knowledge and build a road towards your business , brand or entrepreneur skills. I will be posting 1 article/ week as of now. As I have other simultaneous projects going on that you can check on my other posts and social sites. But I will be posting more often on this series as I can. This area interest’s me a lot and I am sure lot of people are confused with N-Number of doubts so if you have any questions then feel free to drop down your question, you might get your answer soon.

So the first thing I would like to ask you is - What did you do with your very first earnings? I am going to assume you spent it with friends or gifted something to family members. If so then you are really lacking the investment skill and its importance. This post is clearly for business minds especially Entrepreneurs and freelancers. The reason I am addressing this topic today is because I get a lot of questions and statements like – “I have 500$-5000$ where should I invest it in”, “I can’t afford that” (Even if that thing just costs 10$ or less), “I earned 100$, I am rich” , “I spent my earnings with friends” and so on. Then I begin to think, why do people choose temporary pleasure over permanent? Now, it may not be their cup of coffee to be an entrepreneur or a professional. So if you want to get on the right path towards building your company/brand then I suggest you to follow this one and only rule that every single person should posses –

Invest your initial earnings on the next big thing 

Your initial bucks are the most important investment that you should focus on, even if it is 2$. Invest your initial earnings on the next big thing that is where the ROI(If you are not aware of ROI as an entrepreneur then you have a long road to travel but do not worry. I will cover all the concepts and make sure you sign up for newsletters) concept comes into play.

What is ROI? 

ROI is “Return On Investment.” In simple words, it means if you invest 10$ on something then that something should be able to provide you 15-50$ or its equivalent. Anything that earns you extra a well as covers more then you invested is called ROI. The other side to this is the measure of knowledge. Suppose you want to invest on online courses then make sure to check out demo classes and if you feel like its worth it then ROI comes into measure with the amount of knowledge that is shared with you. Here the ROI is the knowledge and there is no harm paying for knowledge. You don’t seek money out of that BUT you should be able to turn that knowledge into action and get your investment back. That’s the real thrill!

Lets say you want to invest in something but you do not have enough funds. What do you do?

The answer should be - You should save all those earnings and work extra if needed because the price of anything is not static so you want to grab the opportunity when it is available instead of kick out your own luck. Once the sufficient funds are collected, make your investment.

How to control oneself from first paycheck spending?

I understand that it is an happy occasion and you want to celebrate it but take control of yourself. Because the choice you make now is directly proportional to your future earnings. If you want to party hard, do it and be right where you are or else you have a choice to control yourself just for 1-3 months and get a passive income which you can spend like nuts! Trust me no one will stop you then!

This is what I did my initial earnings and I am proud of it. This is my story –

For those who don’t know me. I am into lot of online activities and multi-content creator. I make YouTube videos and Blogger too but these article are strictly limited to Internet/Digital marketing and my mentorships that I undertake for the same.

I remember earning around 1-2$ just for leaving a review and I was really excited that I make 67rs-140rs (Converted into national currency) just for writing 121 characters. It was unbelievable because I talk a lot with my online friends/clients and the amount of typing I do would make me a billionaire by now. So I took it in a positive way and I SAVED that money. Later on, I made couple bucks more then gradually the level of work that I undertook was standardized (I was working as a freelancer and still do in my spare time) I saved all those earnings and invested them once I had sufficient funds to buy a software or tools but in one-by-one manner. It is bit obvious that you can crack a software which is illegal but I was addressing to special online tools that I use that are worth the investment. So how would some software or tools give me better ROI? I put those tools in use and got my ROI.
As days pass on, my investments were fruitful and I had enough money not only to invest but to buy those extra luxury things that I need. Now, here comes another lesson that you should posses. Buy things that you are in need of. As you know I am a YouTuber and was in need of hard drive badly since I did not want to lose all my materials and videos because my laptop was affected by virus.

At this point you had 3 options –

1) Buy a new laptop

2) Buy Anti-Virus

3) Buy hard drive for backup

I wouldn’t want to invest on a laptop even though I don’t own a high end laptop but the one I am using now is capable of delivering my needs.
I wouldn’t invest on Anti-Virus since I am an ethical hacker. I understand that it is pretty useless to invest on anti-virus. Not that it is not needed but I do not need it.
I can invest on a hard drive. I can transfer all my files and keep a backup. If the laptop crashes I can make a backup again on laptop once I get it repaired. If the hard drive crashes I can always make a backup again from laptop. And lets consider that unlucky case where both laptop and hard drive crash at once? I am smart enough to have backup of my most important files on my pen drives. This is called a planned foresight. I always keep a backup of important files on pen drive and leave the unnecessary files that I can replace again from online.

You can check out my invest product - WD Elements Hard Drive unboxing, testing and review

That was something I invested on myself because without those files, my business won’t run nor will I have an income. Later, I had enough funds to gift my mother a fabulous phone. It is graceful to spend when it is needed. Don’t be a miser or be in  cheap mentality that you do not have the money when you just earned hecks. Use them! So now you see the prominence of investing on right things?!

If I had spent that money on partying then I wouldn't have the chance to party harder,today.

Bottom line: Make the right investment. Focus on better ROI. Have a foresight. Spend once you have enough money for investment as well as luxury. Do not take debts. Spend! Because you are not going to take that money with you to grave.

Mar 18, 2017

WD Elements Hard Drive unboxing, testing and review

WD Elements Hard Drive unboxing, testing and review

Hey internet,
Today I am going to unbox my first tech stuff which I bought with my first earnings. You can read that post here - where I invested my first earnings? Entrepreneur Tips. So the product that I am going to review is WD (Wester Digital)  Elements Hard Drive. I was thinking to make an YouTube video unboxing it but I am sure there would be tons of results already so I gave it a pass.

The message I wrote for myself which came in with the product

There are two things that went through my mind when I wanted to purchase a hard drive because everyone wants to invest in the best thing. First one is that which is the best hard drive in market and second is, if the product is really reliable because you do not want to lose your backup data when the whole point of buying a hard drive is save from data lose. Finally after some research I made a decision and I am going to answer those two doubts which might occur to you as well.

Which is the best hard drive in market?

Seagate and WD are the famous for hard drive's as their primary purpose is to make the best hard drives. So they both are dedicated brands in that industry. These two hold the top 2 positions on any site or in market then comes the local or upcoming brands/companies. Having said that, it does not mean that you cannot go for another brands. As per your budget and requirements you can choose any other hard drive. I bought one of these brands i.e. WD because of the small pinch that I wanted a reliable drive. I am a proud owner of Seagate Expansion too. I bought it online from a trusted site and wanted to use it as my portable drive but a month later I set it as internal drive for Sony viao laptop. It has been 2 years, no complaints so far. So, if you are sure that a certain company product does well then go for it. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to buy a high end branded thingy.

The Seagate expansion that I bought was this -


My requirement was to buy 1 TB because if you compare the price of 500 GB hard drive and 1 TB (500 GB+500 GB) then you will notice that by adding few more bucks you can get 1 TB drive. Usually when features are double the price doubles but in this case its around 15-25% hike that's all. Now, there is 30-50% hike in 1 TB and 2 TB so why not go for it? The reason I did not go for it is because I download lot of E-Books and files from clients or for learning purpose. There are lot of chances that my drive will get contaminated by virus. Lets say I bought a 2 TB drive and transferred each and every file for backup and then due to some bug hard drive collapsed and I do not have any other backup. What would I do? So I prefer 1 TB drive for corporate use and another 1 TB for personal use. Another possibility is to buy a 2 TB drive for 1 use and only if you are sure to keep the data as well as drive safe. I have no such faith so I bought 1 TB as per my requirement.

How do I know that the product is reliable?

In this internet era the first thing you would consider doing is to read as much reviews as possible and coming to a conclusion if that product is really a good buy. True that is just 50% of the work done. But what you are not aware of is that, companies or sellers can pay for posting positive reviews and this is the utter fact. Most of the online sites have a policy that sellers cannot exchange products for reviews nor they can pay for a posting a positive review for them yet there are back-doors you know. I am a huge reviewer (Yet I am so poor in judging people, sigh) on a well known internet marketing forum but I post unbiased reviews since being genuine is rare. Anyway, the other 50% is to get out of your home physically and inquire about those in real market. Go visit your

Mar 4, 2017

Milk The Pigeon [Guide for anyone lost in their 20's]:Book of the day (1)

Milk the pigeon book cover

     This is the first original book I ever read in my entire life! Phew! Hahaha... Don't take me wrong, I love reading blog posts, or digital articles and stuff but I never read something non-technical before this. I remember reading "Tree of life" on wattpad couple of years ago. It was a great story too! So, it was around Nov 2016 when I came across this early readers email of the book and I decided to give it a try. A 298 Pages book with more than 60,000+ words! BAAM!
This book was published by Alexander Heyne who is the author and he does actually go through every single reply that I have ever responded to him. I like the good vibes that follow around this human. So in this blog post, I am going to review about this book, share with you my journey with this book and the ideas that popped up in my mind after reading it. I promise to keep it as jolly as possible.

My purpose of reading this book was just for some escape from the world and overthinking. I literally made myself read it! I read it during my holiday journey and the experience was a lot new. Like who knows that how does it feel to finish a page and move on to next. Jumping from one chapter to another LOL one crazy feeling! I am a movie person so I was always like, "OMG so many pages to go, ugh" Hahaha

Disclaimer: The book has swear words during the first 25% of the book indicating frustration, messy and "I don't care" mode life phase of the author. I am completely against any swear words so I edited the PDF by substituting the word with some random word. You can use this hack too :)

At this point of time, I am writing this introduction/review of this book for 4th time I suppose. Why?! (Answered towards the end of this article) Its like typing an essay that I had already presented several times before BUT every single time its a unique piece. Having said that - Milk the Pigeon is a book which helps you make decisions and take some serious actions towards your life. It's not a novel nor a made up story. It is a field guide which will help you through your 20's. In simple words, it is like a guide that indicated you about how to go with your life in your teen/tween age because it is the time when you have to