Nov 6, 2017

Dog, Yogi, Banyan tree: Book of the Day (2)

Dog, Yogi, Banyan tree Review by alex o o connor - Book of the Day

       What's the number one trait of successful people? Reading atleast one book everyday. If you have been following me since long then you must be aware of - how much I adore book lovers. Thanks to Hetal for hooking me up with this book, "Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree By Rajan Sankaran" (Click on link to get it on amazon).
As soon as it arrived, being a creative I wondered why was this cover chosen! I took a good look at the entire book, publication, dedication, about me, the font style, number of pages and then the index. It made zero sense to me. I have always been great at putting up puzzles together but to me it made zero sense about what it could be.
I started reading it, it didn't take me a single page of read to get attached to it. Because every single line made perfect sense and followed my code of ethics, lifestyle. Before we hop into the summary here's a quick look at stats:

  • Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree
  • Author: Mr. Rajan Sankaran
  • Pages: 222 + 1 Note to the reader
  • Chapters: There are no numbered chapters but 28!
  • Suitable for: Everyone who is keen for self growth.
  • Quotes that will keep up your reading spirit.
  • Hilarious narration, to make it a point will be found in this book.

If you are an Indian then you won't be bored at all because you can directly relate to it. If you are a non-indian then it's extra thrilling to you because I can't think of anyone else who would describe Idli and sambhar like Mr. Sankaran did. I feel amazed at such a beautiful description of things that are hard to explain.

Summary: I won't be a spoiler but here's why you should read it. If you are an Indian then nothing will be as relateable and that's included in past as well as in current day when it comes to our culture, parents and our childhood. This book doesn't dwell in past nor excites in future. It's everything from the past till date. So there's no seed unturned, every generation will relate to this. You will feel like you are wearing author's shoes even though you didn't walk in them.

I feel completely attached as I have been blessed to be a south Indian and Mumbaikar (Residents of Mumbai are called:) at the same time. He has the same story more or less. The places he visited, travelled flashed through my eyes as he penned down enriching words to describe that place because I have been there. (Except Kashmir and Zurich) Apart from that, his guru's , work ethics, code of life, his beliefs in Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans, baba nityananada, Ramana Maharashi, Kanchi and also prominence places like Arunachalam, Tiruvannamalai are an integral part of my life. This statement itself indicated the amount of connection and state of mind one's in.

At one point, it started feeling as if I received a book about my future because the past and the present fit perfectly! It's terrifying to receive your future book. Trust me! :D So this book walk's you through Mr. Sankaran's life while explaining specific details that will help you for self growth. You just need to have the passion for learning and developing yourself in a better way. There's no time to make all the mistakes and learnt, instead books are a treasure and a shortcut to skip those hard troubled times and to jump to a solution. It has all the possible real life situations one would face in his life time. Deal with it, roll with it and move with it. He made it reader centric so even though it was about his life, it didn't feel like one because of the life lessons that were taught!

Let alone reading this book, brought me into another dimension. I must be thankful for what's walking into my life and my courage to direct only positive thoughts. If you don't speak spiritual then you will definitely speak into one after reading this book. It's nothing related to religion or race! It's all about mind and the soul. Music makes everyone happy, love makes you dance, hunger makes you aggressive and pain makes you change. Similarly reading this book will take you to a new perspective though and soon you will start living a new life. Which will be more meaningful, far better and graceful. It's your choice to order this book here:
or not learn anything this year. You will be missing on this if you don't. Trust me! Once again, I'm honoured to read this book. Thank-You!

This weekend, pick up this book and heal yourself!

Which book do you want me to review next? Comment below.


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