Jan 25, 2016

3 Best Ways To Be Positive

Hi there, looking to stay motivated or how to be positive and be creative? Your at the right place!
The next five minutes of your life will be well spent :) There are literally 'N' number of ways to keep yourself boosted but here are the BEST 3 ways which I personally follow and recommend.

 1) Morning Pages

Wake up every morning and write atleast 1 page of what or how your feel. This activity is not for you or others and this is not like writing a diary. I repeat this is not a diary/journal. What you need to write is whatever it bothers you, you can even write as -

 " I am writing these morning pages because I found this online article which I'm not sure if work or not but I am gonna write it because I have to write it. I still have 10 lines to go and I am getting bored, this is frustrating and lame. 9 more lines to go and and and its really boring to do this.........(and so on)"

[ Note: Get to the point after starting out, its important that you start writing sensible atleast after 2-3 days]

Continue this for 3 weeks, after that it will be your habit to do the same. It will be more fun and less work ;)

                                         2) Stream of consciousness

  The following activity makes your Mind,Body and soul active and quick responsive.

A) Touch- Close your eyes and focus all your mind on the things you feel. It may the breeze blowing across your flicks, sensation of couch, the pen your holding Etc. then Move on to next step

B) World- Keep your eyes closed and Concentrate on the exterior world elements. For instance, Dancing trees, whipped sound of the wind, Construction in surrounding, Children playing Etc..
Move on to next step

C) Mind- Think about how your mind feels at the moment, is it stressed? frustrated? Irritated? Fresh? Cheery? Do realize the factors that you are putting your mind through because it is important to realize "How you feel" and "How you make others feel."
Move on to next and final step. woohoo your almost there :D

D) Body- Turn all your attention on to your body, Does it hurt- the wound you got while playing?, Does it feel strong- from the work outs you do?, Does it pain- the burns you got while cooking?, Is it fit? the stamina and so on......

     Thinking of all these are very important because we seem to take things for granted until we lose things, same goes for our focus and ability to concentrate. Sometimes you just focus too much on mind that your body gives up and vice-verse. So treat everything equal and enjoy the strength of bonding power it provides you as ONE :)

                                      3) Memory Chain

  The following activity will help you to boost up your creativity. Good luck!!

Think of a word and start writing down something about it and then write something related to it. Continue writing for 5 mins everyday. Mostly all the sentences should be interlocked.
For instance,

"I am sitting in front of a Red wall and that reminds me that I love Red. Its also the color for Love. oh! Next month is Feb, valentines day is coming up but so is my birthday. I love birthday's. It the most exciting day for me. The looks on someones face when you wish them for their existence and the gifts you give them thanking for being there is beautiful. You! yeah, YOU, the one whose reading this. Your Beautiful!! ^.^"

Do not keep your pen down for more than 5 seconds.

Follow these 3 activities for 3 weeks as routine and you will see the difference in the way you think,write and carry yourself around in most positive way.
Don't believe me? start NOW and after three weeks, read your first morning pages 'Page' ;) atleast then you will believe in me and yourself too.


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