Mar 13, 2015

Types of bullying....Recognize and Revoke them

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     Darling, bullying is a real thing. It’s not just something you hear about it’s something that actually happens. Maybe you know this, maybe you are bullied. Or maybe you are the bully. Bullying is not just statistics, not just numbers you can look up on the internet. These people who are being bullied are suffering and most of the time they don’t say anything about it. They don’t report to anyone that they’re being bullied. 

There are seven types of bullying.
1. Physical bullying - This is the easiest form of bullying to identify. Examples of physical bullying can be kicking, hitting, punching, slapping, shoving and other physical forms of attack. 

2. Verbal bullying - Verbal bullying is when the bully is saying hurtful words to their victim, belittling them, demeaning them and just hurting the person altogether. A lot of the times the bully chooses their victim because of how they look, dress or act. A lot of the times, they go after special needs kids. 

3. Relational Aggression - Relational aggression is a sneaky and insidious type of bullying that often goes unnoticed by parents and teachers. Sometimes referred to as emotional bullying, relational aggression is a type of social manipulation where tweens and teens try to hurt their peers or sabotage their social standing. Relational bullies often ostracise others from a group, spread rumours, manipulate situations and break confidences. The goal behind a relationally aggressive bully is to increase their own social standing by controlling or bullying another person.

4. Cyber bullying - Cyber bullying is difficult to deal with because the bully is online. Bullies online often tend to use fake profiles. The victim may still know who the bully is but can’t prove it. Cyber bullying can include posting hurtful images, making online threats and sending hurtful emails and texts. Unfortunately cyber bullies are a lot harder to catch.

5. S**ual bullying - S**ual bullying consists of repeated, harmful and humiliating actions that target a person s**ually. Examples include s**ual name-calling, crude comments, vulgar gestures, uninvited touching, s**ual propositioning and pornographic materials. For instance, a bully might make a crude comment about a girl’s appearance, attractiveness, s**ual development or s**ual activity. In extreme cases, s**ual bullying opens the door to s**ual assault.

6. Prejudicial bullying - Prejudicial bullying is based on prejudices tweens and teens have toward people of different races, religions or s**ual orientation. This type of bullying can encompass all the other types of bullying as well including cyber bullying, verbal bullying, relational bullying, physical bullying and sometimes even s**ual bullying.

7Self bullying - Self bullying is being overly self-critical and hard on yourself is a very common depressed thinking habit. This can involve self-blame, perfectionism, self-criticism and self-attack
This website has some great ways to stop self bullying:

How to revoke it?

Darling, if you are bullied, I am so, so sorry. I wish I could fix this for you but I can offer you these solutions. 

If you haven’t told a parent, do so.  Tell your parent or guardian. If you feel like you can’t trust them or if in fact they are someone who is bullying you, tell a teacher or some other adult that you trust. Ignoring the problem is not the right thing to do.The bullies need to be stopped. 

Some steps you can take if you are being cyber bullied is to not respond. Now this is not the same as ignoring the problem. If you don’t respond, the bullies have less fuel to their fire.
Block the person who is bullying you. This will help you out because you won’t see the nasty posts. 
Keep evidence. Record the dates, times, and descriptions of instances when cyber bullying has occurred. Save and print screenshots, emails, and text messages. Use this evidence to report cyber bullying to web and cell phone service providers.
You can report cyber bullying online, to the police and to your school. Cyber bullies are harder to catch but it’s not impossible.

Darling, it’s okay to get help. It’s okay to tell someone. It’s not just you who are being bullied, other people are too. 
Please darling, be careful with your words and your actions. They can hurt others and yourself.  You may not mean to but saying someone is ugly or fat, even when you’re joking, can hurt others and often does. Bullying can and does lead to suicide. When bullying doesn't ever seem to end, death seems the best possible way out for the victim. It’s not. It’s okay to get help. Please don’t take your own life, you are too precious to go. 

If you see someone who is being bullied, please report it. You can stay anonymous through the process, just don't let the bullying continue, okay? Help someone.

I love you all so, so much. I’m always here if you need to talk. xoxo

Keep Holding On, Stay Strong

Thank-You for reading and make sure you re-share it and create awareness. If you are been bullied seek our help. Contact us via 'Contact form'.