Jun 6, 2014

Never discourage people.....

Have you ever came across someone telling you that you can't do it ? Or have you ever told someone that they can't do something just by the way, you see them ? It is definitely called ,"judging a book by its cover. "

Personally I have seen people saying, that the other person isn't capable of that specific work. Basically these kind of people don't even think an inch of how badly their words might effect ,especially on depressed people who just need a small single reason to fall down their ladder of hope.
I say ,even if your not positive its OK but don't give out negative comments . If you don't like what the other person is doing or saying then all you can do is avoid and neglect because your not the one walking in their shoes, you don't know the effort they took to reach that point , you have no idea of what it feels to be like him/her.

Silence is golden

Hold this key of your happiness and their achievement too. Never say 'never". Never discourage a fellow person because you never know he/she would turn out to be in future. And sometimes it like digging your own grave because GOD won't endure the failure of his own child.
Be positive, bring light in your life, shine from your inner light and be a bright star.

- I am Anonymous Hope

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