Feb 9, 2017

I was challanged [#30DaysPositivity 2017] so I am challenging you

Hey legends,
A day ago [8th feb] I was checking my YouTube channel analytics (Yush, I like to keep a tab of the work-flow) and I came across this video which challenged me to #30DaysChallenge so basically I am going to call it #30DaysPositivity ( or shall we call it #30DaysHappiness?! ) Because it explains the idea from the hash tag itself. So........... I decided to accept the challenge obviously.

This is the video explaining you about the challenge -

and I will post the final results video again on the end of these 30 days, starting today.

Details about this challenge:

You have to write 30 things that you love and say it OUT. It can be things of gratitude as well. For instance, “I love bracelets”, “I love my bed”, “I love my mom”, “I love my pet”, “I love this book”, “I love today’s weather”, "I love my rose plant", "I love puppies" and so on. It can be anything at all (Just don’t do drugs though), it can be materialistic or non-materialistic.

So, what’s the catch? :

The catch is that you have to write 30 NEW things every single day. Yes, that would be noting down 30 new things for next 30 days. So that will be 30x30=900 [If you know how to do math] things at the end of this challenge. You cannot repeat the same thing again. Oh, you can write down about thing/s that you don’t have too.

Why I am doing it?

No idea, LOL Kidding. Actually I did some set of experiments that just ended few weeks ago . There were like 3-4 experiments I did in past 6 months exactly. But to be honest I didn’t want to do it myself but I was doing it unknowingly, more about that in upcoming videos (Yes, I will post them.) so as soon as those experiments [ I really don’t want to call them experiments though because I had the toughest days] were done, I completely hibernated. And I love hibernating though but this was different.
So basically this experiment sounds easy and seems kinda easy for me since I already did it 2 days now but the main difficulty is that I don’t even have the ounce of energy to smile today. Like one day its great and another day you are all low, so how do I keep up with it?


I have accepted this challenge and already found a hack to get it done even if I have my worst day ahead, I will share it with you guys so that you can use it as well ;p so the idea is that I would do it in the morning when I wake up, that way I would be able to create positive vibes around me which will help me start the day in good mood.
I will be maintaining this book where I will list down those 30 things everyday and I will evaluate the same at the end of these 30 days.

What is the purpose of this challenge?

Wait and watch. But I can guarantee you that, I wouldn’t do something unless its fruitful. I never invest my time in something that doesn’t yield anything.

  Bottom line:  

I am challenging each one of you, yes! 
I know you are like – “How did you even know I am reading/watching your blog post/video. More over you don’t care. Anyway I am too lazy to do something stupid like this” 
Me: Well what if I tell you that you can get some output that you haven’t achieved in past 2 years?
You: How do you know if I will achieve it or not? You haven’t tried it yourself.
Me: How would you know if it works or not unless you tried, moreover you won’t know the great taste of tender coconut ice-cream unless you tasted it at least once in your lifetime.
LOL, really I am not kidding. You must taste the tender coconut ice-cream because its really cool!

So, I am challenging you to take this up for a better life. Say “I am in for this #30DaysPositivity” in the comments section, I will be in touch to keep you motivated.

we have this G+ community called “Awesome Fighters” if you would like to join - Click Here . We can keep a tab on each other through that as well. I am tagging in few cool members that were part of community since the beginning as part of gratitude J

Tag your friends to make this world a better place, we always complain about how crazy is the world we live in but forget to work on ourselves before trying to fix others. I am not starting some movement or revolution but this will help someone heal so making atleast one person smile a day is a pleasant satisfaction. Spread the word

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