Oct 6, 2016

#HappyNationalPoetryDay : Poetry in my veins (Poem No. 15 )

Prism in galazy
    On Occasion of world poetry day, I present you with the best version of write!

Look at me what do you see?!
Physic, Looks, the color of my eyes?!
Jumpers, sneakers and master piece of time ?!
Rings, chains and the bracelet I wear?!
But decode me cause you are not aware!!

Got a young soul that really runs wild,
Passion for words that never run off mind.
Classic, Humble that's my moral line,
Golden - Black that's the color of my wings.
You better be aware, poetry in my veins!

Stop me, Push me, you will never get away,
Show me, Prove me and keep me as I stay.
Stab me, Kill me, Always from behind?!
Run now, Run fast, because the lions in me!
I will bleed but catch you and scatter all the place.

The great, the best, that's my tittle name,
Livid and the Mighty are my only mates.
Uphill battle that's my major strength.
I am that morning star, you barely even see,
Cause 4AM is the time I rise and how you fall !!

-Alex O' Connor (Bhavya)

All Rights Reserved
(Cannot be used for creative common fair use either)
Poem No. 15

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