Jun 12, 2016

How to fight your relapse(Self-Harm) and grow stronger everytime ?

Did you relapse again? How long were you clean? from self-harm and everything else that deprives you from the happiness your starving for?
   Sometimes its just a simple answer that we all give is that, "I don't know" and "I just cannot take it anymore". I'm sorry to say but this is all your fault. You decided to relapse again. Just imagine this simple example, Lets say you are in a race and your leading with 15meters distance. Unfortunately you slip out and now you have two choices- 1) Get up and win the race which you still can with the time you have OR 2) Sit right there and let your opponents take over and win
So, if you chose the first option that means "YOU" decided to GET UP and win it because you CAN
BUT if you chose the second option, then you simply LOSE. Again its "YOUR" choice. So even if the situation is all favorable and yet you decide to give up then its clearly your fault which you brought on upon yourself. And this is exactly how your brain works after you addicted to self harm or depression/sadness.

So here are few things that you should question yourself and then follow the below activities to bring yourself out of this state. Good Luck! May the odds be in your favour :)

Questions you need to ask yourself !

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1) Why did I relapse?
2) For what purpose did I relapse?
3) Am I this weak that I replased for such an issue?
4) If my friend/family member had the same issue and exact same equation what would I expect her to do? Relapse too?
5) Am I gonna replase the next time I face this situation?

Your answers might be favorable to you because you might be really weak and filled with so much self pity and self hate that you just don't care about anything anymore. But I gotta ask you one question? If you live the way your living then is it gonna do ANY GOOD to YOU?! IS IT?! 

I would say no! your not gonna die any soon, so dust up! wake up from the fantasy world of sadness and madness. Just move those stupid depressing clouds and people from your life who ain't worth your time! Come ON! you came so far, your just few inches away from getting your dreams come true. Why let a state of mind control you? You are much more than that, A BEAUTIFUL EXCITED PACK OF ELEMENTS WHICH SUMS UP YOUR SOUL AND DESIRE FOR THE AMAZING WORLD YOU LIVE IN.

Follow these few things that will help you with Good vibes

1) Stop being so pity and sympathetic towards yourself ! You can stand on your own feet and you can turn this world upside down.

2) Do not EVER cry and relapse for the same situation or same issue and person TWICE. If you want to cry so much fine go cry till you run out dry BUT don't you dare cry again! Dude crying won't do ANYTHING. Its just an emotion, if crying could solve problems then people would cry as much as they laugh to solve all their and world problems. But it isn't like that right? so nahhh. You had Enough already so just leave it. Let go.

3) Was your purpose of relapse was that you failed in your exam or have an heartache? or is your financial condition not so stable? so if you drain out your blood, will any of it get solved? or would you get an answer like Tom Riddles diary in harry potter? hehe No, so why don't you make a list of things that worked and that went wrong and try to improve on things that went wrong and give it one damn shot! Just one damn shot and that should be sooooo PERFECT that nothing can get rejected or stands an chance to fail again. So be like that. One shot, a clear shot which is only possible with a clear heart and a clear mind.

4) Just imagine you mistakenly found out that your friend relapsed , how would you feel? and wouldn't you feel so sorry and sad that even in your presence she/he felt so depressed that they decided to do that? now imagine how your friends and family will feel when they find out about you? Its just a matter of few seconds that we decide to cut ourself. Yes, I know its very very frustrating and you feel like nothing matters and cutting seems like an only option to relieve the inner pain. After all your hurting yourself and not others so you just don't give another thought but HEY! not everything can be erased with blade unless you erase it from your mind. So please don't do things that you would never want your loved once to do. 
If you feel like your annoying your loved once and giving them pain by just being sad all the time then why don't you wake up tomorrow with a thought in mind that today I will do something amazing for my loved once?
And you know what? if people really love you then they won't ever feel like your a burden to them ;) They will always be there, but don't just push them away please:)

5) Surround yourself with all the nicest of things for 3 days and just watch for yourself how energetic and appealing you will feel and look. Just chuck away every harmful thing and THOUGHTS out of your mind and out of your life forever from this very moment!

Focus on what you want and work hard for it. Many people might not support you including your freinds and family at few things but may be if so many people are saying then may be its true? may be the path your chose is wrong and is not so fruitful? but your just getting carried away with it! it won't be any harm to travel a better path or to review your own path :) its never too late to rectify your mistakes but yes Time is very important so act wisely:)

We hope this was helpful to you, why don't you drop us a line below telling us how do you try to tackle your relapse?
If you want to share us your own story to inspire the world then please send us your story via "Contact form" we would be more than happy to help people by the people :)

Keep Smiling ^.^

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