Dec 21, 2014

Setting into Sadness (Poem)

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Waking up to the reality,

Like waking up into nightmare.
Heartache to someone worthless,
Too dark to light up.
Breath by breath drowning,
Drowning into sadness,

Day after day clarity shines in,
Time stops hard when alone,
Laughter cannot be the best medicine,
Because everything is set into moment,
Moment of suppression,
Moment of sorrow,
Moment of being oneself..

Blink by blink let's sleep back,
Sleep back to that beautiful nightmare,
Beautiful nightmare that's better than reality,
Love makes it hard,stand back!
Leave us alone for who we are,
Setting into sadness like sunset...

-Leon Redfield(Bhavya)
Poem No.10 

All rights reserved.

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