Jun 1, 2014

Its time that parents start being Mature!

The need has arised that parents start acting mature. Think about it dear parents , how will you define your child's behavior ? Do you think he/she is going out of hands and slipping away ? Well then I have to say that its all your fault right from the start.

I have noticed a lot and lot of parents who I think don't even know how to take care of their kids !! Really ? Then why are you increasing the population??
You being a parent play a role model for your child , always remember that because the way your child is today is all what you represent so its not their fault either because they grew up seeing you. 

Let's come to the point. Your a parent of a son or daughter and what you should teach to your son how girls are equally important and not anything less than a girl. He should be taught how to respect girls. He should grow up to be a brave man and not a coward garbage. Its up to you how he behaves. 
What you should teach your daughter is how she will grow to be a princess one day and prepare her for the upcoming changes but don't forget to teach both that there are still things like culture, humanity, peace, ethics and values on this earth. Don't forget to teach them to be kind and humble. 

Wake up parents, the society is killing your child and I assume that the absence of a child in their parents life is the worst pain. Your kid may be smiling with you but take time to talk just like you take time out to scold or yell. Sit down with your child , ask them about how they are doing with their life. There are like infinite kids getting bullied , assaulted, cutting and suicidal which you don't realize. 

Your child may not be of that culture but trust me everyone is low at some point or another and if your not there at that point then realize it that they are gone . Keep their hope and faith alive.
Nothing is more worse if you being a parent go clubbing, partying, drink and smoke and even allowing your kids to do that, then your not a parent at first place. You definitely don't poses the qualities of life so what will you teach your kids. I just hope you don't ruin your kids life. 

PS- I m not ranting on here but you know the truth and agree with me at some point or another and I do love my parents. They are the best people I could get , hope your parents are yours too..

I am Anonymous Hope
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