Apr 3, 2017

Another YouTube video goes viral..Voilaaa!!

*Cough Cough* Well this post was not supposed to start this way but HEYYY! Today was really surprising, uploaded 3 videos. And published one out of them at 3:46AM before going to bed. Then I woke up to these amazing numbers 9,300Views. I did post that video on Facebook before bed.(That's not the secret ;p haha) so wake up and hustle guys.

I came home and saw my post go viral where I mentioned about my video going viral LOL okay, okay that is kinda confusing to you. Then another video gets ranked and its just a pretty blow of views coming to channel with all the lovely comments :) Gotta love the #YouTubeLife

Check out the above viral video. It is a solution to the world's easiest rubik's cube called the snake cube. Step by step tutorial. There was a funny video made with the snake cube you can check that out too. The link to it is on the VIDEO'S DESCRIPTION.

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