Oct 12, 2014

I Came Out Today..... (Yes, I Am Proud To Be Gay)

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"I am glad if your reading this. Today on #nationalcomingoutday I decided what I want and who I want to be. Few things about my family and society are that I come from a very strict Christian family. My dad is just like a priest and mother is highly sophisticated too, my siblings and friends have no idea that I could be gay. Things were never easy for me. I have a very decent friend circle but I wasn't sure what my s****lity might be so I never opened up but today I deny to be silent.

My childhood was tough too although I am a teen now but I would get attracted to guys more than girls. I didn't know what that feeling was and used to be so confused with all the mixed feelings that one day I felt like some things wrong with me and I am abnormal.
I became so scared but alone and was lasting for someone to love me for what I am but I was left only with disappointment because the place I live in, hardly anyone is gay so its not expected from me to be not straight but I guess I wasn't born to marry a girl. It would only mean to kill my heart and also cheating her and ruining her life from being unfaithful.
For sake of my family prestige and honour and from fear of what society will label me I was numb......for a long time.......

One day I met this person online who was a gay too, and for him it was as simple as it sounds. He came out to his family and best friends and even had a boyfriend who both are in love unconditionally. After tons of talking I told him that I was gay but my situations are totally opposite to him. Seeing him I wished that my life could be as easy as him atleast for that phase. But I cannot ever come out to my people.
I may come out to two three or best buddies but not everyone and I wish to fly away because I Want to be treated normal and I wish to be comfortable around people with my real identity. I will lose my family and society if I come out but I might lose myself if I don't come out. What do I do??
I am stuck....forever.... I may say this out loud to you that I am gay but I really find it confusing that why am I supposed to come out?
Why can't we people be treated normal?
Do you come out saying your straight ?
No?, then why do you want us to come out just because your more in number? If count mattered then why would we have hearts?
Lot more things bothers me that will colleges accept me if they know I am gay?
Will companies intake me if they know I am gay?.
For me love is love, irrespective of Age, Region, Gender, status, etc.... anything can happen anytime because things are meant to happen.
I would stay single all my life rather than taking someone in my arms who doesn't deserve it.
so here I say - I am gay, please accept me.


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