Jun 7, 2014

My Message To Creeps On Internet

To creeps,

 Think twice when you send a random stranger your non sense messages and stuff. You need to keep in mind that internet isn't about just sitting behind the computer screen and sending inappropriate things to teens and especially girls.

 Did you ever think that the girl you send message is the age of your daughter and do you talk to your daughter in dirty language ??????!! Have some shame.

 Firstly you ruin your life and have no family secondly you try to trouble others life too. Go get some work to do and try to make the world a better place . Motivate people in their sad times because you might save a life  . Use your "time" for good, that way at least you won't go to hell.

 So next time you text a random person just remember that he or she might be your sister/brother/ child/ mother or father in this big world of family.

My request to all the people out there especially young girls who encounter these type of idiotic people is that - please stay safe and don't forget to use the block and "report button" but most of all teach them a life lesson by giving out a lecture to them. Don't get scared be bold and strong and stay away from this trash.

If you ever need my help or advice let me know. Always ready to help a fellow being :)
If you can relate and agree try sharing it with your friends.

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