May 30, 2014

Where not to click a selfie (situations).....

Cute cat taking selfie in front of fire building
Selfie.... .. . . . . .

It has become a craze for everyone to click a beautiful selfie of themselves on mountains, in forests, in space and even if the ghost appears we might ask him for a selfie :)

Well there are some situations where we being the only person present should rather act than clicking a selfie or shooting a video. So here are some places and situations where selfies should not be clicked.

1)Disaster times -

The emergency times like out break of fire, accident spot, animal attack etc. Rather then clicking a selfie , go out help people involved in it. Don't be so inhuman because you never know. You might save a life for a family who will owe themselves for the rest of their life. (You might be blessed with free cookies ;) )

2) Dangerous places -

Places like electric poles, railway tracks, avalanches, on middle of the road :D jk... but some people really do crazy stuff. To click a selfie they can go to any extent but just think if the luck is not favoring you then just a slip and cut of your life. So better be safe than sorry.

Selfie can be clicked at beautiful spots I understand but risking your life and others for a pic is like asking the person to die for clicking his last pic. Be safe.

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