May 29, 2014

Best And The Worst Thing About My Heart

Best And The Worst Thing About My Heart- Wounded heart is held hand
I always used to think about the best and the worst thing about my heart and I pretty much hate the facts I could conclude with. (Not to gain attention ) So the two things are -

1) kind heart - It really isn't a gift to be kind hearted because you tend to suffer the most . You can see the hurt people around you and you want to help but you don't know how to. You start forgiving your enemies just thinking that they would change instead of revenge. I tend to forget things which I fight for so in the end I don't know what I really wanted and take all the blame on self. I can't see a person suffering, feels like I'm suffering myself unless that person is fit again but its such a bad thing that you can't say whatever you want to say to people because you think about their feelings even if they didn't think of yours. Its really bad because you accept and agree the things which you don't like just to make others happy and in the end your the only one suffering for not being a bold hearted . Its sad .

2) I can't open up - This is the worst thing about me. If there is someone having a hard time, what would you do ? Go calm them down and the same for when someone's angry but what I do is just hope that they calm down on their own even though I'm sitting right next to them . I understand their pain and I want to motivate and cheer them up but I can't open up feelings. People know Me as a strong person but I have a soft heart which I have to hate.

I always wish what if I had a bold heart ? I could say to people whatever I want to, I could open up straight forward . I wish I could be bold because its really hard to find another kind heart in this world.

I am Anonymous Hope
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  1. You can still have a kind heart and be strong, you need to toughen up otherwise life will get you at every corner. Use your intuition a kind hearted person has plenty and don't forget about commonsense

  2. I understand but its hard to hurt people :/
    have been this way since my birth , I can't help but are their any ways to bold ur heart ? I'd yes , then how ? I try to be bold n may be that's where they get me.......